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April 25, 2012

Casting Call for Divergent! Top Female Ladies! #DivergentNation #TeamCandor

*This is entirely fictional and created solely for entertainment purposes. It is not real. The e-mail address listed below is bogus. Hope you enjoy our post! 

Open Casting Call for "DIVERGENT" Movie lead roles
We are looking for a Male and Female to audition for our lead roles of Tobias and Tris. To audition simply submit a head shot and resume of prior film work to Insurgent@teamcandor.com. 

Auditions have come and passed! Here are your top choices:

Top Tris choices

Alona Tal - IMDB PAGE
Dakota Fanning - IMDB PAGE
Brit Robertson - IMDB PAGE

There you have it Divergent Nation. Your top three Female characters.

Now it's time for US, the fans, to vote (remember this is just for fun lol, not REAL). If we could cast any of the ladies listed above, who would it be?

Leave a comment below with 1 for Alona Tal, 2 for Dakota Fanning, and 3 for Brit Robertson.
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  1. 2!!
    Brit is lovely, but her acting is not that good in the Secret Circle, so..

  2. Man, this is a tough one. I think I have to go with #2. I love Brit Robertson, but I picture Tris a little younger and more innocent.

  3. This is fun, and p.s. I like the look of the blog! :D I think I'd have to pick Brit. I don't know how her acting is, but she looks pretty Bad-A in her pic!

  4. Tris wasn't super pretty. Brit couldn't pass for that because her face is too incredibly beautiful. With some work, I think they could get Dakota to pass for not perfect. I'd go with 2.

    1. You know what?! You're right. But they're all so pretty. You had to put someone on here not so pretty.

    2. It's a very hard choice but I think #2 because she looks younger and really fits what everyone thinks tris looks like (:

  5. I'd go with #1 Alona...I can't see overused Dakota playing Tris. I'd like to see a new lesser known face for her. Brit doesn't have the kind of hard edge I associate with Tris.

  6. 3 definitely, I thought of Brit as Tris while I was reading the book, she could definitely pull her off :) Alona would be a second choice.

  7. Darn...I always pictured Tris with dark hair, lol! If I had to choose one of these three...I'd pick Brit - but she'd definitely need to be tattooed up, lol

  8. THREE. 3 :]

    I love Brit Robertson and I think she's an amazing actress, plus I think she fits the character of Tris the best!!

  9. I'm going to have to go with #3! :))

  10. Alona looks great!!! I think 1# should win!!

  11. #2!!! That's litterally EXACTLY how I pictured Tris

  12. I don't know why but I love Brit face in that picture and it makes me think of Tris. I would go with Brit. Though I would love Dakota too. HMMM lol

  13. I'd go for Brit! Though none in the list is my first choice. :D

  14. I say Alona Tal, though she's a bit too old to play a teenager, she's pretty bad ass in Supernatural. (At least, she isn't fragile.) I could see Dakota playing her well but I'd still prefer Alona. To me, Brit looks too innocent.

  15. I would have to pick #3 ~ Brit Robertson! I love her on the CW shows. Though, I really like Dakota Fanning's acting also.

  16. Replies
    1. I totally agree... plus dakota is exactly how I imagined tris looking like...

  17. I really love them all .. but i would have to say #2 Dakota because all the others are too old and I think Dakota can look badass if she gets tattooed .. but I don't know why but I imagined Tris with black hair

  18. AnnaSophia Robb is my first choice as Tris but since she's not here, I go for Dakota Fanning :) age DOES matter.

  19. 2. Dakota Fanning is a great actress, age appropriate and looks the part to me.


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