April 17, 2012

AAD Author Spotlight: Meagan Grooms! Guest Post & Giveaway! (18+)

This is my third AAD con and my second coming as an Author. I absolutely love AAD and all it has to offer both for readers and writers. I enjoy meeting everyone that I can both authors and readers. Thanks for asking me to do a guest post.

When I sit down to write I actually have to have it quite. Any music or TV distracts me from what I’m trying to write. However, when I listen to music I love to listen to the words in it. I have found many songs that I can put into my stories. Most of my characters have a song or two that kind of sum up or have something to do with their stories and relationships.  On my website I try to post the videos of those songs, as I am writing or after I have finished the book. Right now Samantha and Luke have a song as well as the next couple I’m working on is John and Allison.

I have found it hard to write recently because I had my son in January and we are trying to get our house ready to sell. I was hoping to have the second book of my series out already but I’ll be working on it and getting it out as soon as I have some kind of balance. lol 
Thank you for the chance to write a guest post and talk about how I write. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, you can leave a comment or email me at groomsbooks.yahoo.com.

Megan Grooms
Author of:
Finding Samantha
Handsome Stranger
Hestia's Vacation
Halloween Madness


Megan Grooms is giving away an eBook copy of Finding Samantha to one lucky commenter.

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About Finding Samantha....

Samantha hasn’t moved on after the death of her husband, Tom, two years ago. In an effort to find closure she moves to a ranch in North Carolina where she meets Luke. A handsome cowboy that causes her to have feelings she thought she lost with her husband. Torn between wanting Luke and not wanting to forget her husband Sam must decide to love Luke, or forever be lost in the past of what could have been with Tom.

After Luke’s wife left him for another man six years ago Luke still doesn’t have faith in women. All that changes when Sam arrives. Right away he feels something for her, something he thought he would never feel again. Knowing he is risking his heart Luke decides that Sam is worth it. Can he help her get over her loss and love again, or will she break his heart as well?

-- Good luck everyone!


  1. So hopefully they will help each other out by finding new love with one another!!

  2. I really want to go to AAD, especially since it is in NOLA. I've been to RT but not AAD. I'm sure it is much different.

    I loved the blurb, Megan. I enjoy stories about characters who need to let go of their baggage in order to find love. It sounds like an emotional and lovely story. Congratulations on the new release!

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. This looks like a sweet story. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Lmackesy at gmail.com

  4. I really like how this story sounds. Two broken souls helping each other. Probably a 2 hanky book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Gator_trish at msn dot com

  5. Wow what a book i would love to have it my email is butterfli262002@yahoo.com thanks so much.

  6. I love stories where there has been loss and sometimes they just don't know how to move on and finding love again. It always makes everything ok! I need a good sigh at the end of a book!
    delivery.RN at gmail dot com

  7. I love romance and tragic love stories where it is hard for the person to move on. I would love to read this book. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. Tore923@aol.com

  8. Why do cowboys in books seem so much better than real life? Heck, everything in books is better than real life! HA This sounds like a great book and I am sure it will make me cry! Thanks for the chance to win.
    hjbmckenna at gmail dot com

  9. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, I enjoy cowboys in books better as well Heather. Good luck to all of you and if anyone has questions let me know! :)

  10. No need to enter me but I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading this post and seeing how Megan writes. Congrats on your new baby too!

  11. This is the first time I've heard of AAD. Thanks for spreading the word! (extemter at hotmail dot com)

  12. Congratulations on the new addition to the family and I certainly hope your home prep goes well and smoothly. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share with us today. I am not familiar with your work and am looking forward to checking it out more.

  13. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing about your writing process.