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March 27, 2012

Teaser Tuesday!

Lover Reborn
By J.R. Ward

Dearest Virgin Scribe, something had changed between them. In the thick, charged air that separated their bodies, some kind of heat was sparking, the current of electricity warming her skin from the inside out. -- PG. 217

By Anna Carey

He smiled. It was barely noticeable - just a tiny curl of the lips, a brightness in his pale green eyes. His head had been shaved. He was thinner,yes, clad in a dark brown suit and cap. But my whole body knew him, the tears coming down fast as we stared at each other, letting the truth sink in. -- 37% eARC

Masque of The Red Death
By Bethany Griffin

"...You were beautiful, and I was glad when your eyelashes fluttered and I could see that you were alive."
He reaches out and fingers the collar of my dress, as if adjusting it, though I'm quite sure that it doesn't need adjusting.
"And I'm not easily impressed by beauty," he adds. -- PG. 168


  1. I hope there's some Blay Qhuinn stuff in Lover Reborn!

  2. Awh, I looove the teaser from Masque! I can't wait to read that one! It seems eerily creeptastic! :)

    Happy Tuesday, ladies!

    Check out my Teaser Tuesday!

  3. aww great teasers! I've only read the first BDB book but they are definitely HOT! The Once tease was sad. I can't wait to read Masque of Red Death and that was definitely a swoon worthy quote!
    My TT

  4. Great Teasers! I agree with Jennifer the teaser for Once seems really sad. But since I haven't read Eve I can't be sure.
    Masque of The Red Death sounds really, really good. Can't wait to read that one.

    This week my TT is from Croak


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