March 30, 2012


Ah! GCReaders! We have some AWESOME news to share with you all!

Good Choice Reading is TEAM CANDOR!

That's right... our faction has been chosen! (Ah! Can't believe GCReading was chosen to participate).

So get ready GCReader's because starting April 2nd through April 25th INSURGENT is taking over GCReading! Our team leader is Kristi from The Story Siren. We will need all the help we can get to lead CANDOR to a winning victory! Woohoo!

Check back with us on Monday, April 2nd for the Choosing Ceremony where HarperTeen will announce all team members for each faction!



  1. Congrats!! This sounds like so much fun. And since I consider myself team Candor, I'll definitely be keeping track of what I can do to get a Candor victory! :)


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