March 07, 2012

Review: Wicked Weekend by Gillian Archer (18+)

Wicked Weekend
by Gillian Archer
ebook, 107 pages
Expected publication: March 12th 2012
by Carina Press
Ages 18 and Over!

Why did Lauren Vaughn introduce her sister to the man she herself was crazy about? Now Lauren is watching the happy couple at their combined bachelor/bachelorette party—while Lauren sits all alone at the bar. Until she spots a hot stranger with the telltale black handkerchief in his pocket: the signal for "seeks no-strings affair with sexy submissive." Lauren can't take her eyes off him. So when he comes over, she kicks her inner good girl to the curb and follows Jamie Forman to his room, where he makes her scream with pleasure all night long.

But Jamie is a complicated man. He can't handle how desperately he wants her in his bed—and his life. It's up to Lauren to teach him how to make all night last forever

I loved this book! For a short story to pack so much in and make it feel like a full novel is just amazing to me. This story was so steamy and so interesting I just could not put it down once I picked it up.

Lauren has been doing her research and was very interested in the BDSM lifestyle, but never actually acted upon it. Thinking she has a crush on her sister’s fiancĂ©, Lauren tries to get through a weekend with the bride and groom to be. Her sister crystal is a spoiled brat that always gets what she wants and is a real push over on Lauren. Trying to escape Crystal’s presence for a few needed minutes of peace, Lauren walks away from the dinner table and up to the bar.

Once she and Jamie meet he shows her what it means to be a Sub to his Dom. They share an incredible weekend together with a few emotional ups and downs. Deep down they both had such issues from their past neither one thought they could ever find a happily ever after, believing that is only in fairy tales. However the connection they share is so strong they both cannot deny how they feel. Both scared the other does not feel the same they walk away after the weekend is over thinking it is just a fling and that is what the other wanted.

Upon going home both have regrets to not admitting how they really feel or without talking things out. Jamie decides to make a move and I love how he did to get Lauren back into his life. Not only did this book have great character connections and great sex scenes, it had a great romantic ending.

4 out 5 stars!


  1. This sounds like a good one! Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Sounds awesome! Especially since it had depth as a short story.

  3. Love that it has more depth than a normal short story. And a great romantic ending it just what I need!


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