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February 23, 2012

TQOTD - Why Are Dystopians So Popular?

According to dictionary.com, a Dys-to-pi-a can be defined as:

an imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.

And yet, in Young Adult literature, dystopian novels seem to be flying off the shelves faster than authors can crank them out.

So this Thursday's Question of the Day: Why in the world are we so obsessed with Dystopian novels? And do you see an end for them anytime soon? 



  1. Maybe the world is so obsessed with them so that the world we live in now seems great in comparison? I have no clue, I just know that they're addicting and I can't get enough of 'em!


  2. I don't know. Dystopia is certainly not my favorite genre, but I'll read them, and while there are some amazing ones, there are also so many that are the same...

  3. I think that they inspire hope of some kind in a world where there is none or very little.Yes I don't think that these book will end anytime soon :)

  4. I hope they don't come to end soon. I love Dystopian novels! Especially when there is a romance involved! I think we're obsessed with it for many reasons, but mostly because its a look into a world that could happen (minus zombies, vamps or whatever other creature is involved LOL).

  5. I think part of it has to do with the escape. When we read, we all escape into the world no matter what we're reading, but in dystopia it is usually a situation that really stretches your imagination and may also make you think about the way the world is today. I personally love when an author can blow me away with a futuristic world that is believable and frightening. Dystopian novels often make my "favorites" list, and I'm sure the trend will die down eventually, but I hope it hangs around as long they keep releasing ones worth reading.

  6. I like what Julie said: "I think that they inspire hope of some kind in a world where there is none or very little." I would have to agree with her wholeheartedly. Reading dystopian novels makes you yearn for these characters to pull through and end up okay on the other side. They draw readers in. :)

    I think eventually we will start to see the trend change. That's how things usually go. But I'm sure that even if the extreme popularity goes away for a short period of time, we'll always come back to it. :)

  7. Simply put, they're fascinating! I mean, sometimes it's easy to believe that we're not too far away from having a world like some of them that are portrayed in these books. (I just shuddered!)

    It's also fascinating to delve a bit into the human (character) psyche and see how they handle outrageous situations and people. When I read The Hunger Games, I couldn't help but put myself in Katniss' shoes and wonder if I would ever have the cajones to be as brave as she was.

    Trends come and go, but I think Dystopian is here to stay, for better or worse.

  8. I love them but have another question for readers. It seems to me that the majority of the dystopian novels are aimed at young adults. I wonder why??

  9. I kind of think it's because nowadays these days, teenagers are getting more open about their opinions and they always want to change things that are around them. And plus, most dystopians can be the future of Earth so it's something familiar to them but yet still different enough to be interesting. And plus, it's good for both genders because I can't imagine a bunch of guys reading about faeries.

  10. Good question! They are not my favorite type to read but I too am drawn to them. There are many reasons but mostly because they help me to appreciate what I have. Life really could be worse!

  11. I've always enjoyed those end of the world, climbing out of the ashes type stories, I'm not sure why but I think it has to do with enjoying the characters overcoming obstacles and starting over. I don't think they're going to stop any time soon.


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