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February 24, 2012

Review: Pure Enough By Sandy DeLisle

By Sandy DeLisle
Self-Published: October 2011
Having sex for the first time is a big decision for anyone, but for sixteen-year old Katherine Brinkman, the decision is even more complicated. Under the close watch of her parents, Katherine has never had a boyfriend. But that changes when she moves to a Chicago suburb for her mom’s teaching sabbatical and meets a group of free-spirited friends, including the charming and incredibly hot Aidan Koutsoukos. When Aidan isn’t serenading Katherine with love songs or making her laugh with his charismatic wit, he’s tempting her with his wavy, black locks, riveting brown eyes and perfectly sculpted body. While Katherine is falling for Aidan, her hometown of Black Earth, Iowa, is planning its first purity ball; a ceremony where girls publicly pledge to remain virgins until marriage. Once she returns home, will she honor her family and friends and pledge her virginity with her father as a witness? Or, will she give in to her desires under the influence of her new friends? As Katherine wrestles with this life-altering decision, she must decide if she is…PURE ENOUGH…

          My Thoughts: 

     This was a sweet story. Not what I expected but it was good. We all have had a friend or maybe you are the one who was raised up following religion. Someone who is always being reminded about what is not acceptable in the eyes of God. Well that's what this book is about. A teenager who was raised with religion in her everyday life and dealing with the temptations of teenage life.

     See I went to catholic school from junior high to high school.  So I understand the pressure of what the main character went through. This story basically is your everyday YA with the exception of God in it. I liked that the main character stood her ground. Even though when standing her ground would probably mean that she's disappointing the ones that matter to her most. But being a teen is all about making decisions. The right ones.

     I have to say this book wasn't really my kind of book. However I do recommend this for those teenagers who go through the struggle of peer pressure. Even for moms of a teenagers or if you're a teenager or know a young teen who likes to read, then this is a must read. Maybe it'll shed some light in teen situations today. It's not often you find an author is brave enough to mix up YA with religion and do it in good taste. Kudos to Ms. DeLisle.


  1. Wouldn't be my kind of book either, but I appreciate that there are books out there for teens who may relate to this story.

    1. Yeah it's not. But it was a good enough read because of the whole teen situation. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This book sounds pretty good. I think I'm gonna have to check it out...

    1. You should definitely check it out if it intrigues you. It was an interesting book.

  3. It's better to hold onto your virginity til you're married but sometimes peer pressure can get into young folks these days. Pity of what the world has gone to now...

    1. Peer pressure is a horrible thing. I hope I can get into my son's head ahead of time. Because this world is full of pressure.

  4. Interesting. I read The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams. I feel like it would have the same idea of religion based books. Very hard topic in that book... Great review!

    1. Religion in books can be tricky. I read "When Heaven Weeps" by Ted Dekker and its a Christian book. And it was soooo good. I cried so many many times. In Ted's book, it's no preaching or anything like that. That book was also very well written.

  5. This sounds like a good book for my 15 & 16 year old step-granddaughters. There is so much peer pressure that I think they could benefit from this book. I'll tell my daughter about it.


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