February 03, 2012

AAD Author Spotlight: Guest Post by P.J. Schnyder + Giveaway! (18+)

I was lucky enough to be in Las Vegas during the celebration of Chinese New Year and as a special treat, my boyfriend took me to see Le Rêve .

Le Rêve wowed and enchanted me with every dance on the water, in the water and through the air above the it. Through it all, I was delighted by the additional sub plots interwoven through the overarching story in the show. There were comic secondary characters and sinuous mysteries swimming just beneath the surface, dark bad boys vying for the heroine's attention and seductive water nymphs teasing the audience.

It was a work of art. Truly.

And it inspired me to weave my stories with similar thought and care. I want to give my readers a reason to come back and read my stories again, catch hidden references and smile at cute moments.
I'm working hard this year to complete several full length novels as well as a few short stories. Every one of them is a stretch for me as I grow as a writer.

It's the Year of the Dragon and as a Dragon, I plan to make the most of it. ;)

I'd like to offer an ecopy of Drowning Tides, my mermaid short story from Tease Publishing, to one random visitor. Just leave a comment and share with us what your Chinese Zodiac sign is and what your plans for the year are. :D


Lora loved being a mermaid, reveled in the freedom of the sea. But an ancient danger approaches and her friend, Katherine, needs to live up to her potential or countless lives will end.

In an effort to coax Katherine ashore to spend time immersed in the emotions humans generate so easily, Lora steals the breath of life from unwary divers. For every human life, she has three days and three nights to fill her lungs with air and walk among them.

Seeking the perfect bait for Katherine, Lora goes ashore … but finds love instead.

You can purchase Drowning Tides individually in eBook format here:

Visit PJ on her blog: http://pjschnyder.com

Thank you to Good Choice Reading for having me as an AAD Featured Spotlight Author. :) 

Giveaway Rules: 

  • International as long as you have a way to read the ebook
  • Must be 18+ to enter
  • Winner is chosen at Random
  • Contest Ends Feb 9th
  • Must leave a comment answering P.J. Schnyder's question
What your Chinese Zodiac sign is and what your plans for the year are.

Good Luck! 


  1. Ah, always so tricky to be honest as plans, to paraphrase a famous quote "last until the first sword is drawn".

    My aims for this year are to enjoy reading, get more out of my own life and go from there, anything else is just the icing on the cake.

    As to chinese sign well I'm the Rabbit. I may look cute and fluffy, but I've been to Caerbannog and destroyed the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch for breakfast. LOL

    1. Indeed you must have a vicious streak a mile wide! :D

  2. That sounds like an exciting time in Vegas P.J. and it sounds like you've got your year ahead planned out with all your writing goals.
    My chinese sign is a monkey. Funny little things, and mischievous as well.
    A good post. :)

  3. My sign is the pig. My plans are to travel more.


    1. Grats! You're the winner of the free ecopy of Drowning Tides!

  4. My chinese sign is the horse ^_^ My plans for the year are : Work, Work and work as hard as possible and prepar for my master studies!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. I am a Rooster. My plans are to payoff some of my bills and save a little money for emergencies.

    Rachel V

  6. Mine is the snake. My plans are to be more open and not spend so much time in the house.

  7. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and also entering to win. :)


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