January 21, 2012

Fellow Blogger Needs Your Help!

Once Upon a Twilight


One of our fellow bloggers, and good friend, experienced a horrible tragedy yesterday. Yara from Once Upon A Twilight lost her home to a huge fire. Thank god no one was home when the fire started, but nothing inside was saved.

TwilightMoms, which Yara is also apart of, are taking any kind of donation to go towards Yara and her family. It doesn't matter how much of a donation, anything helps! I don't know what I would do if I were to lose my home. This such a horrible thing and I haven't really been able to rest because I am constantly thinking about Yara and her family.

To donate visit this link: http://www.twilightmoms.com/2012/01/twilight-mom-loses-everything-in-devastating-house-fire/

Thank you!


  1. Oh no!

    I'm clicking and donating. Here's to hoping many others do the same.

  2. I didn't have much in my paypal account but I donated what I could.. Hope it helps somehow :)

    1. Arianne thank you so much!!! I donated too through paypal whatever I could. :-( It's so sad... she posted pictures of what her house looks like and it breaks my heart.

  3. What a tragedy. How nice of everyone to help out.


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