December 01, 2011


We all know that there is always that perfect summer read...that one book that fits perfectly in your beach bag and reads so well with the sun shining down.

But now that December is upon us, and the weather will have us drinking hot chocolate and wearing ten layers, I'd like to know what your favorite winter-time book is.

Thursday's Question of The Day: What is your favorite winter-time book to read? The one that has you under a comfy quilt, with a huge glass of hot chocolate? 

Let me know!


  1. I think any book is suitable for a winter read. As long as you have your quilt and you're comfortable in your bed. Any book is perfect for all seasons.

  2. I think a great xmas story or a good contemporary romance :-)

    And like Wanda said, with a nice warm blanket and bed, just add a nice cup of tea with honey.

  3. This made me think quite a bit. I'm not really sure what my favorite winter read would be, but for some reason, Christmas time always makes me think of the classics like Jane Austen or some Jane Eyre! Haha.

  4. I love snuggling under my down comforter with a sexy romance story. And there are two upcoming books that would be perfect. A paranormal from Joey W Hill, and a western from Sarah McCarty.


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