December 06, 2011

REVIEW: The Nook Color by Barnes & Noble

So my husband decided to get me the Nook Color as an early Christmas present. I've been begging for a new eReader for months. I had the Kobo Wifi, and even though I loved the Kobo, and still do, I just thought it was time to upgrade.

When I got the Nook Color I was a little nervous at first because I knew every little thing there was to know about the Kobo, and the Nook for me was starting over basically. Well, it didn't take me long at all to figure everything out. Of course I had to ask for a bit of help from my Nook buddies, but it wasn't hard at all to get the hang of it.

First, the biggest thing I love the best is the fact that the screen is a lot bigger than my Kobo. It also has a back light so I don't need a book light, nor do I have to read with the lights on anymore. Only downside to this though, when I am out in a public place, I can see my reflection and have to angle it a certain way so that I don’t see my face. Another thing I really like about the Nook is that it allows me to adjust the font of any PDF file. On my Kobo I could do the same, but it would put the page off screen and I would spend a lot of time moving the arrow left and right just to read a sentence. With the Nook it makes the font bigger and fits to screen. This sold me immediately. I know something so simple, but it was annoying having to read a PDF file with such small font because if I made it bigger, it wouldn't fit the screen.

I can also browse the internet on my Nook and it looks just like a miniature computer. It's optional to view websites as mobile, but I keep it in Desktop mode. This way I can do everything on it like if I was sitting at my computer. You can also download apps for it, but that really doesn't do much for me. I have an iPhone and have all the apps I like on there. The only one I did add was the GoodReads app. I love GoodReads and need it on everything. Being able to purchase books right onto your device rather than having to plug it up to the computer is also a HUGE plus. I connect right to my wifi and browse books, click Buy, confirm and there it is in my library.

I love my Nook and I am happy that I got it. Oh, you can also share books with your friends who have a Nook. How cool is that? There is a little option that says "LEND ME" and you can lend the book to anyone on your friends list. I am so happy I updated!

I recommend the Nook Color to anyone who interested in buying an eReader. It does a little bit of everything and more! If you have a Nook already, shoot me a message so we can become buddies and share books!


  1. Yay! I love my Nook Color--it's my must-have item all the time. I got the anti-glare screen cover for mine that helps a little with being able to see your reflection.

  2. OMG, they have an anti-glare cover? I might have to look this up. Do you know where you got it?

  3. While I am currently a Nook owner and have been for two Nook generations, this year I am going to switch over to Kindle Fire. It has nothing to do with me not liking my Nook because I love free book Friday, and the coupons for the coffee shop, it is simply because Kindle offers more for reviewers. I LOVE my Nook and I will still use it but for review purposes I am making the switch.

  4. haha I just received a Color for early Christmas also. Will send an email to buddy up ;)
    I loved the pdf feature and how east it was to transfer digital editions adobe files.

    terilhack at yahoo dot com

  5. I also bought a Nook Color earlier this year. I am in love with it. I use it often and really have no complaints about it at all. Enjoy your new device!

  6. @DBookWorm, really? See I feel the complete opposite. My first eReader was the Kindle and I found that having the Kindle was a lot harder. I found myself converting files all the time and whenever I wanted a book on release day, they never had it and I had to submit a request for a book. They don't use epub... They have their own format and the only other format they support is PDF. Which is why I ended up with the Kobo. I couldn't stand the little font of PDF files on the Kindle. Hopefully though, the Kindle Fire is different. You have to let me know.

    @Teril, Yay! I noticed that too! Everytime I transfer a book through ADE it goes in right away.

    @Jade, You have to add me! How do we add each other as friends?

  7. oh I am still going to keep my Nook for books I want to read & purchase from Barnes and Nobles but a majority of the authors I deal with want to amazon gift. Also this site that seeks out reviewers same thing they egift right to amazon email. I won't know for sure until I get mine though (grass is always greener) I will do a write up on it once I get it. It won't be till February my hubby will freak if I buy yet another ereader haha. Request me on Nook I'll send you some books Daniperez(@)

  8. LOL, Damarus I've never looked that feature up because I'm the only one I know with one. But I'll look into it and let you know!


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