December 01, 2011

Book signing and blogger dinner!

You're Invited! 

On December 10th Amalie Howard will be signing copies of her book, Bloodspell, at Atlantic Books in Manahawkin NJ, from 12 PM to 2 PM. Oh yeah, I work there! :-) I had a part in setting this signing up and I am super excited about it and cannot wait!

I do, however, have one piece of bad news. Atlantic Books will be closing for good sometime in January, so we only have a limited amount of copies. But the good news is, you get 25% off the book since we are in liquidation. You can also bring your own copy from home, if you'd like, and get it signed, or purchase it else where and bring it in. 

Everything in the store is currently 25% off. So now is a great time to get your holiday gifts!

After the signing I hope you can also join us for an early dinner (or late lunch lol) with Author Amalie Howard and author of Haven, Kristi Cook, which will take place at Friday's Restaurant. They will be answering your questions, chit chatting about Bloodspell and Haven, and just hanging out. This dinner is open to bloggers and book lovers. I will be filming the dinner and everyone who joins us will get a copy of the video.

So bring your copies of Bloodspell and Haven and have them signed! This can be the perfect Christmas gift as well!!! <3

Note: Everyone is responsible for their own meal.

So I hope you can join us for both the signing, and an early dinner with Amalie and Kristi. If you can only make it to one, that works too! <3

Here is all the information you need.

Signing taking place:

Atlantic Book Shops
Washington Ave & Doc Cramer Blvd
Stafford, NJ 08050
Phone: (609) 978-1003

Signing will begin at 12 PM and End at 2 PM.

Early Dinner taking place:

(609) 489-0950

3:30 PM to Whenever! :-P

If you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me:

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  1. Sometimes I wish I lived on the east coast or that teleportation were possible. Have fun!!


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