November 16, 2011

BLOG TOUR: Interview w/ author Abbi Glines + GIVEAWAY

Today we want to share with you our interview with the author of The Vincent Boys, Abbi Glines.

Thank you Abbi for stopping by today and answering our questions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I'm obsessed with making up stories. I always have been. When I was younger, I unfortunately didn't realize that making up stories was also considered lying so it got me in a bit of trouble. Having two parents as principals didn't help much either. When I went to the principal's office, it was a sure thing I would be getting up close and personal with a paddle. Anyway, I finally managed to move all those creative juices to paper and categorize them as fiction. Breathe was my debut novel but it was not the first book I'd ever written. The others just sucked... like real bad. They are safely located under my bed with many unfortunate dust bunnies. Once I realized I wasn't supposed to be writing fiction for adults but teens things turned around for me. Maybe it was the fact I had to quench my creative stories as a teenager since my teachers preferred to label them as lies. I'm not sure but I tend to read mostly YA and my favorite television shows also star teenagers. This would all be Buffy's fault because she started my fascination with teen dramas. Dang her and Spike ;)

What puts you in "the zone" to write?

My "zone" normally appears late at night when everyone in my house is asleep. I sit down at my desk with a large bag of tropical Twizzlers and complete silence then the words just start spilling out onto my computer screen.

Tell us a funny, or not so very funny moment while writing The Vincent Boys?

When I began writing "Grana" (Ashton's paternal grandmother) I thought I was creating a unique individual. She was in my head and I knew her every response and facial expression. It was strange how well I could see her. Once I was finished with writing the scene that Grana stared in, I decided to read it aloud to someone and get their opinion. However, there was no one around. So, I read it to my ten year old daughter. I figured she'd have some sort of opinion. She listened carefully. Once I was finished I asked her what she thought. She shrugged and said, "You just gave Ashton MY Grana." I thought about it and then laughed out loud. She was right. I'd just written my own mother.

How long does it normally take you to write a book?

Anywhere from two weeks to a month. Depends on the storyline. Paranormal takes me longer.

Can you share a teaser with our followers?

He'd spread out several quilts and a couple pillows. A cooler sat in the far corner. I crawled up to the middle and sat down. Beau stood at the tailgate watching me. The shadows from the moonlight shaded his eyes so I couldn't be sure what he was thinking.
"Are you coming?" I asked almost scared of his answer.
"Yeah, I got a little sidetracked by the view," he replied.
A shiver of anticipation ran through me as he crawled up into the truck bed. Kneeling in front of me he reached out and took my right foot then laid it against his jean clad thigh. Fascinated I watched him as he unsnapped my sandal and placed it beside the cooler. He placed my foot back down on the blanket then reached for my left foot and with the same slow careful attention he removed my other shoe. Once both my feet were bare he lifted his gaze to meet my eyes.
A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "I like your pink toenails," he replied glancing back down at my feet. My silly heart thumped wildly in my chest and I let out a nervous laugh.
"It's cotton candy. The color is I mean," I couldn't even make coherent sentences.
"I like cotton candy. Those toes of yours just may be sweeter though."

What can we expect next from you?

This December my first paranormal YA romance will be released. Existence is about a girl whose time is up. However, when Death comes to take her he is intrigued. She's unique and it is rare for a soul to interest him at all. His existence is monotonous. So, he decides to follow her for a few weeks since she is proving to be a pleasant diversion. When the moment arrives for her unexpected death, it doesn't happen. Death can't take her life and he breaks the rules. Then all Heaven and Hell break lose.

Awesome teaser! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Abbi is giving away ONE ebook copy of The Vincent Boys to one person. This is the Kindle version and the winner will be gifted the book through Amazon.


- Since this is an eBook, it is international, as long as you have a way to read the book.
- Winner will be chosen through
- Contest ends November 20th.
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