October 11, 2011


Jessica Rules The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

I rested my head against Lucius's chest, trying to enjoy the slow, rocking rhythm of the horse as it picked its way through the deep snow that had fallen overnight. But the still unanswered questions that had kept me awake all night kept ruining what should have been a peaceful dawn ride deep into the silent Carphathian forest.
How did Claudiu's blood get on Lucius's stake? How will we explain it? Because we can't ... -- PG. 99


  1. Ah! I didn't know there was a second book! Ah! Amazing teaser!

  2. Saleana, yes there is. Comes out in January :-)

  3. That teaser is writing almost poetically. I loved it. It has a bit of romance and mystery. Great teaser.

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    MichelleKCanada @AnotherLookBook


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