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October 22, 2011

Shine vs. Chime, B&N Goes Beyond Books and

This Saturday we'd like to share FOUR pieces of news for you....

Lauren Myracle Withdraws From National Book Award Contest :(

On last Saturday's Book News, I listed the finalists for the National Book Awards in Young Adult Literature. One of those winners was Lauren Myracle, for her book, Shine

Unfortunately, since then, we have learned that some idiot (for a lack of a harsher word) at the National Book Awards accidentally mixed up Shine with Chime by Franny Billingsley. After letting Lauren get all ecstatic with excitement, she was brought crashing down. I find this completely heartbreaking and am so angry with the folks down at the NBA. 

The drama during the week concluded like this: the NBA told Lauren that she would remain on the list (along with Chime). Then they asked her to take her name off. Then they said she could stay on. And finally, Lauren finally removed herself from the list. Click here to read a blogpost she wrote about her experience.  

Now don't get me wrong, I read Chime, I reviewed Chime, I loved Chime. But this was just irresponsible and it makes me so sad for Lauren.

How do you feel about it? 

Barnes & Noble Going Beyond Books

Barnes and Noble is the largest bookstore chain in the U.S. But because of a decline in book sales (gee...I wonder if it has to do with charging $30 for a hardcover), they have decided to allow members to sell beyond books. B&N is trying to keep up with competitors such as eBay and Amazon who allow members to buy an array of products. 

Through B&N's Marketplace, members will be able to sell things like rugs, cooking utensils, games, and baby items with B&N taking 8-15% of the price.

Do You Think B&N Should Just Stick to What They Do Best?

October is National Book Month!!

So October is National Book Month AND National Cookie Month - who knew??

Starting October 1st, Great American Cookies has been holding their 2nd Annual National Book Drive.

If you go into the store and donate a new or gently read book any day in October, you will receive one free cookie of your choice!! So support a good cause and go eat a cookie!!

Happy National Book Month!!!!

Tyra Banks Hits the NYTimes Best Seller's List!

So I'm not sure whether many of our followers out there are Tyra Banks fans or not. It is my experience that most people either love her or hate her. I adore her :)

On September 13, 2011, Tyra released her first Y.A. fantasy novel entitled "Modelland". (Yes, I know it's not very creative, but she's doing it on purpose). The story focuses on a young girl who is accepted into a super-exclusive Modelling school. 

This past week, Tyra's book became a NYTimes Best Seller in the "children's chapter books" category (but hey, who's being picky, right?). 

Check out the trailer for Modelland below! 

What Do You Think About Tyra's New Book? Cliche? Not Creative Enough? LET ME KNOW!!! 

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  1. Great posts! Per Modelland - I bought this one a few weeks ago and am finding it quite surreal, don't get me wrong as the irony is certainly there and it's an enjoyable read, but for some reason it's just not holding my attention as I'd hoped. *shrug* Maybe when I get back to it things will pick up lol


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