October 15, 2011

Review: Black Ties and Lullabies by Jane Graves

Black Ties and Lullabies by Jane Graves
Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Published June 28th 2011 by Forever
Ages 18 and Over

A good girl can be bad for one night...

Bernadette Hogan doesn't make mistakes. Not when it comes to caring for her mother, and not at her job protecting Texas's most eligible—and infuriating—bachelor. Maybe that's why she's overcome with guilt after one tiny indiscretion: a passionate fling with her boss that's left her confused, intrigued...and pregnant.

but can a bad boy be good for a lifetime?

To self-made millionaire Jeremy Bridges, women are like fine wine: if held for too long, they sour. But one wild night with Bernadette changed all that. She makes him laugh, she makes him think, and soon she's going to make him a father. For the first time, Jeremy wants to be a one-woman man. So how can he convince the fiercely independent Bernadette he's ready to change from partying playboy to dependable dad—and become the loving husband she deserves?

I love this book! It's so entertaining and I was immediately hooked from the beginning to the end. I started it right before bed, and the next thing I know it was well past one in the morning and I still didn't want to put it down. I had to force myself to stop reading and get some sleep. I just got so lost in the story that I lost track of time.

I am so in love with Jeremy! At first you want to reach in the book and slap some sense into him. You feel for Bernie and can easily put yourself in her shoes. He can be arrogant and snarky, but when you read about his past and who he is today, you understand him. He grew up with nothing and everything he is today is because of how hard he pushed. Bernie was also a great character and honestly, her attitude reminded me of myself. She was me in so many ways and some of the decisions she had to make and the way she handled everything, would have been the same way I would have done it. I also think that the way Jeremy and Bernie handled their little situation was very respectable.

I am so happy I read Black Ties and Lullabies. It was so much fun to read and I am now a fan of Jane Graves and will be keeping an eye out for her other books. A Good Choice for Reading!

5 out of 5 Stars!


  1. I thought Bernie was such a great heroine, and I agree that I wanted to shake Jeremy silly until he realized that she was his HEA. I'm surprised Graves isn't more popular - I've loved most of what I read from her and think she's just as funny and romantic as some of the big names out there. Glad to see someone else enjoys her as much as I do!

  2. I agree! I don't know why she isn't more popular. I just bought her new one today Heartstrings and Diamond Rings. I ordered her other books off Amazon. Waiting for them lol.

  3. Ooh - can't wait to hear what you think of her other books! Btw, you inspired me to reread 'Black Ties...' this morning. I definitely got a bit teary-eyed at the end. :)


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