October 29, 2011

Psycho Gossip Girls, New Bookstores, Steve Jobs and Get a Free Cookie!

This Saturday we'd like to share FOUR pieces of news for you....

Books-A-Million Opens 41 New Stores!!

Even though, in its third quarter, Books-A-Million was forced to close down 21 of their stores, they have decided that come November, they will open 41 more! Many of these stores will be placed where Borders Book Stores used to be. 

The president of Books-A-Million, Terrance G. Finely, said in a statement, "We have been working diligently in the last several months to find ways to keep a number of former Borders store locations in operation under the BAM! brand, and these store openings are the culmination of that work." 

To see the full listing of cities opening up a new BAM store, click here. 


Steve Jobs: at the Top of the Charts!
Not only has sales of the new Apple Iphone4S gone through the roof, but the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is at the top of every chart this morning, and is likely not going anywhere. 

Currently, the book is No. 1 on the Kindle list, Nook list and the IBookstore list. The physical book started showing up in bookstores just this Thursday, and already it is number one on Amazon.com. Analysts believe that this will be the top-selling book of the year!

RIP Steve Jobs...You Still Fascinate the World. 

October is National Book Month - Last Chance!!
Like I've been telling you all month, October is National Book Month AND National Cookie Month - who knew??

Starting October 1st, Great American Cookies has been holding their 2nd Annual National Book Drive.

This is your last weekend to get yourself a free cookie! If you go into the store and donate a new or gently read book any day in October, you will receive one free cookie of your choice!! So support a good cause and go eat a cookie!!

Happy National Book Month!!!!

Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer!!

So, I've never read any of the Gossip Girl books, but I'm pretty sure I would pick this one up! LOL

Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer is a new mash-up book containing elements from both the fabulous Gossip Girl series and elements of vampire/zombie stories. In it, Serena and Blaire basically compete to see who can kill the most people, lol. 

This kind of mash-up is not uncommon lately. Some other noteworthy ones have been: Pride and Prejduice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (I kid you not)  

What Do You Think of Mash-Ups? Personally, I Find Them Hilarious!! 

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  1. Love these mash-ups!! A couple more are:
    Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim; Sense, Sensibility and Sea Monsters :D


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