October 31, 2011

Halloween Booktacular FINAL DAY + Giveaway!

WOW... we've come to the final day of the Halloween Booktacular event!

Today we have a guest post by Author, Morgan Kearns.

Morgan is also sharing two ebook copies of her book, The Seduction of Damian (the gossip of mysterious lane #1) with two visitors.

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Thanks to Good Choice Reading for the opportunity to share a little bit of myself with you this Spooky Season!

Halloween is my mother’s favorite holiday. Therefore, we always did it BIG!

I have a lot of great memories: my mom staining her face blue when she went as a smurf; my little brother totally freaking his girlfriend out with his werewolf costume; dressing my little dog up as a pumpkin; a scarecrow falling off our roof during a storm, making one heck of a dead body impression sprawled on the front lawn. But I have to say my favorite Halloween memory would have to be the year we put a dummy on the porch.

When I was about 20 and my brother about 18, we made a dummy out of an old pair of overalls, filled with newspaper, a shirt also stuffed to its breaking point. We put a mask over a garbage bag stuffed with paper and topped it all with an old hat. To add to the realism we plugged the leg bottoms into a (yes, old) pair of boots, then dumped “him” into a lawn chair on our front porch.

There he sat. For the entire month of October our dummy sat prone in his chair guarding our porch. The neighborhood got used to seeing him there. Kids bypassed him to knock on our door. Neighbors thought nothing of him as they drove by in their cars. Our dummy had become a recognizable part of our landscaping.

Or so they thought.

On the afternoon of October 31st, we took the dummy off the porch and took him apart, replacing his innards with flesh and bone. My brother donned the overalls, the shirt, the mask and hat—and yes, the boots. He plopped down in the chair, sitting all cockeyed, and waited.
And waited.

And scared the holy bejeezus out of nearly everyone!

The best was one father who literally screamed like a little girl and ran down our driveway, leaving his toddler wondering where his escort disappeared to. Daddy did return to claim his son with a blush staining his cheeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had to go home and change his shorts.

I hope your night of haunting brings you fat free chocolate and giggles to last a lifetime!
Happy Halloween!

And Happy Reading!

~Morgan Kearns


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When Paranormal Partners magazine names Damian their most eligible bachelor, life as he knows it changes forever. Females come out of the woodwork to try and link their names to his with seductions that make his skin crawl and his stomach heave.

If having crazy females attempt to seduce Damian is hard on him, it’s excruciating for Jocelyn. Firmly planted in the friend zone, she watches as females try to capture the only piece of Damian Jocelyn wants all for herself—his heart.

"Funny and sexy as hell, yet tender and sweet. Morgan Kearns delivers a scrumptious morsel with THE SEDUCTION OF DAMIAN!" ~Deena Remiel, author of Trinity.

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- Winners will be chosen by Random.org
- Giveaway ends November 5th
- To enter leave a comment with your NAME and E-MAIL address.

Good Luck!!

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  4. Morgan, the halloween story was hilarious! Im on the bus & cant stop laughing.

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  6. @Nikki- I was laughing out loud too when I read this story. Totally imaginable story. I think I would have peed a little if there were me. LOL.

  7. I want that book :D
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    Brenda Leon

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