October 10, 2011

BLOG TOUR: Frost by Wendy Delsol - This or That w/ Kat Leblanc.

Kat Leblanc here. Yep, that Kat…human Stork, deliverer of souls. My friend Damaris at Good Choice Reading asked me some fun THIS OR THATS. Here goes:

Heels or flats?
Heels with a wedge or platform. At 5’4”, I like a little lift. But I also like something substantial between my ankle and this spinning ball we call earth.

Cake or ice cream?
Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (I guess there’s a little hippie in me)

Vampires or werewolves?
Vamps and Team Edward.

Seafood or chicken?
Seafood (given the whole bird alliance, I’m a little off chicken)

True Blood or Games of thrones?
Game of Thrones. I do love a good medieval tale. And men in furry capes and chainmail. Yes, now.

Scary movie or romance?
Romance with a happy ending, of course. Not sure Jack would agree with me on this one, but he’s allowed me to drag him to a romantic comedy, or two. *sighs*

Bad Angel or Good Angel?
Good. Are there bad angels? Once they, you know, fall, wouldn’t they be stripped of their wings? Go by another name?

Witches or Demons?
Witches for sure. And, you know, not all witches are bad. Storks, for instance, are white witches, benevolent practitioners of magic.

Big space or little space?
Big is better, right? Unless I have to clean it.

Pool or Beach?
Beach, absolutely beach (and I gotta go Pacific over Atlantic)

Pork or Beef?
Beef, preferably burger. Pass the lettuce, pickles, and thousand-island dressing, please.

Juice or Soda?
Soda, Coke usually (and thank you for calling it soda and not pop)

Flip flops or sandals?
Sandals with a little heel and lots of flair.

Cadillac or Mercedes?
Both are kind of old-man cars, aren’t they? I’m thinking Mini Cooper.

Sun tanning or booth tanning?
Sun. Booth tanning’s no better than spray-on.

Pink and white tips or manicure?
Manicure if I have a special dress or outfit to match. White tips for everyday.

Long hair or short hair?
Long, you can always pull it back. But once you cut it, you can’t pull it out. Well, I guess you can pull it out, after which the option is bald.

Where you can find Wendy Delsol: 

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  1. hahahahaha... that was fun :-) *waves to Kat*

    I LOVE this series... can't wait for the third book!


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