September 08, 2011


I was talking to my co-worker yesterday and she recommended a book to me that sounded...well...pretty boring, lol. So I told her not to take offense, but that there are only certain people that I will actually listen to when it comes to books. She told me the same thing - she actually has one friend that she calls her "book soul mate". It's that one person in the world who can get you to read anything because you both have the exact same tastes.

A book soul-mate....I think mine would be my big brother. Every book he has ever recommended to me has been amazing!!

Today's Question of the Day: Do you have a Book Soul-Mate? Who is it? 



  1. I think I have a few different book soul-mates. One would be my twin sister who usually if she loves it - I'm sure to like the book. Problem is that she usually sticks within YA.

    So I also have my friend Kaitlyn who reads just about everything. We're not perfect book soul mates, but for the most part we can swap books without being bored. Plus she usually recommends good paranormal romance books.

  2. I think that may be Damaris for me. Although we don't always like some of the same books. But she knows which ones to recommend and which ones not to. So I'll say Damaris is my book soulmate.


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