September 01, 2011


So I'm not sure how many of you have noticed, but lately on Good Choice Reading, we've been trying to do a segment called "Book News Saturday". It's our way of keeping you updated on all things book - no matter how random they may be!

But we're very interested in learning where you all go to get your book news? Do you subscribe to a newsletter? Do you follow your favorite authors on Twitter?

Today's Question of the Day: Where Do You Find Your Book News? 


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  1. It's not Thursday anymore, but I'll chime in. :)

    I read a couple of blogs (mostly for industry stuff, Dear Author has some interesting viewpoints both in the posts and comments) and I get a lot of information through Twitter. Between bloggers of all kinds putting out information and authors giving notice of things, there's plenty to keep up with. I also follow a variety of editors, agents, publishers and industry magazines to keep an ear to that end.

    It's a constant stream of stuff to keep up with!


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