September 10, 2011

This Saturday we'd like to share two pieces of news for you....

Are Paperback Books Really Dead? IKEA Seems to Think So

The debate continues on and on...and on. It's even been discussed here on the blog - are print books dead? You remember, right? Those books that you physically have to turn a page to read?

<-------  I can guarantee you that the girls at GoodChoiceReading have bookshelves that look just like this one. But according to IKEA, almost everyone else does not.

Next month, Ikea will introduce a new design for their popular Billy Bookcases - one that will be flatter, deeper and have glass doors. Why the change, you ask? Well, because IKEA has realized that no one is actually buying bookshelves for books anymore.

According to the Economist, who first wrote this story, [IKEA] reckons customers will increasingly use [the bookshelves] for ornaments, tchotchkes and the odd coffee-table tome—anything, that is, except books that are actually read.

What about our followers? Do you actually use your bookshelves for books? Or are they better used for...well, anything else? 

Breaking Dawn Posters Released!!
So for the first time ever, I'm more of a Jacob fan than Edward. Summit Entertainment has released two of the posters for Breaking Dawn, to be released in November 2011.

Personally, I'm disappointed in the Bella/Edward one...but what do you think?   



  1. My bookshelf looks like the one in the picture. Actually I need another one. So to me, paperbacks aren't dead yet. I like the feel of turning a page over rather and clicking on a button.

    I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out!

  2. It's funny I just came across this article, because just YESTERDAY, I went to Staples to buy a new bookshelf for my home be solely used for, you guessed it... books!!! As long as there are people who prefer paper books, there will be a market for it. Guaranteed.

  3. I use my bookshelves for books, of course!! They might have started out with books on some shelves and picture frames on others, but over the years, the picture frames have had to go other places to make room for more books. I would rather have a printed book instead of an e-book, but that's just me.

    I'm also disappointed in the Bella/Edward poster....her mouth looks odd lol. However, I'm VERY excited for the movie!!

  4. bookshelves are for BOOKS! books are more important than the rest anyway :p

  5. I need more bookshelves because mine are filled to the brim! I do have some ornaments on them but they have to be moved often to make room for a new book.

  6. The bookshelves in my hubby and my bedroom are overflowing with books. We desparately need more shelving but it is such a small room (UGH) and no more space! My teenager needs more shelving too and she has the room, though. Hey, one can NEVER have too many books!!!

  7. I love my paper back books..I dont think there is anything that compares to holding the book why your reading it.Dont get me wrong i got some ebooks. But if i have a choce im going to go 100% with paper back books:)I got me a new bookself to feel up,books are like a good comfert food!

  8. I have a bookshelf from IKEA and I've already filled it up. I also have books shoved in any cupboard I can find. I'm making another IKEA trip next week to get another shelf..The Billy one actually. Maybe I should get two if they are planning on changing it...

  9. I just went and bought a bookshelf yesterday for only my books but I have been to homes where they use it for decoration, my mom actually uses half of hers for picture frames,albums, dvd's and wayyyy at the bottom you can see a couple of books. Overall I love my paperback books and still haven't ventured over to an ereader.

  10. I'm completely pro-printed books!!! I've been actually dying to buy a bookshelf for myself...since the one we have at home is built in and has books from all kinds of things but I wanted one just for my awesome books! and finally!! I have one that will soon be full so I don't think paperbacks will disappear anytime soon...but they will if people start buying just ebooks :/

  11. My bookshelves house books with just a few knick-knacks here and there to jazz it up :)

  12. What???? I have 6 Billy bookcases in my house and take for granted that I'll just be able to pick up more as I need them. Boo. Not cool, IKEA. (Yes, I have an ereader, but I still buy "real" books as well, and especially for my kids, I think it's important to keep the physical library growing.)

    And yes, I agree with the BD Edward poster. Meh.

  13. I am one of those that prefers both, but I think if I had to choose between ebook and print copy, Print copy would win.

  14. Bookcases
    Well to start off with IKEA is stupid (my husband use to work for them, so I can say so) and this just proves my point. I have 3 5 shelf books cases and 1 4shelf book case and I need more bookcases, but I will never every buy IKEA crap anyways.

    Movie poster
    As my husband pointed out to me the idiots forgot to flip the photo, her wedding ring is on her right hand not her left hand.


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