September 28, 2011

Review: Nowhere Girl by A.J. Paquette

Nowhere Girl by A.J. Paquette
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published September 13th 2011 by Walker Books for Young Readers

Luchi Ann only knows a few things about herself: she was born in a prison in Thailand. Her American mother was an inmate there. And now that her mother has died, Luchi must leave the only place she's ever known and set out into the world. Neither at home as a Thai, nor as a foreginer, Luchi feels as though she belongs nowhere. But as she embarks on an amazing adventure, she will find the family, and the home she has always dreamed of.

First of all, I am in love with this cover! I think it is beautiful, mysterious and instantly grabs at you.

This book is one that will absolutely catch you by surprise. Just reading the synopsis of Paquette's novel will not do this book justice. Sure, it reads as a decent novel - a young girl born in a prison in Thailand - tries to find here way home, wherever "home" may be. Sounds so-so, right? You might or might not want to read it after that.

Well, I'd like to be the first to inform you that this book is one of those reasons why I love reading in the first place.

The story line is incredibly simple, and yet, so gorgeously written that you actually view the world through Luchi's eyes. The characters are a bit predictable, and you can actually guess what's going to happen before it happens. But even when it does, it pulls at your heart in such a way that you wish you could go back, unread it, and make it so that it never happened.

This story is not simply about Luchi Ann finding her way home. It is about anyone and everyone who has ever felt lost in their life. Who has ever had to deal with secrets and death. Who has ever had to be brave enough to take that next step forward. It's relate-able to everyone - no matter the age, race, gender or background. And it is definitely worth reading!

5 out of 5 stars!


  1. This book has a really interesting synopsis especially considering the cover. This looks like something that would have been a cherished memory for a middle grader.

  2. Ummm I really want to read this! Adding it to my list ASAP! Great review and that cover is fantastic!

  3. I had not heard of this one, but now I definitely want to read it. You made it sound so good and I love the cover. To the wish list it goes :)


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