September 02, 2011

Review: Breathe Again By Bonnie Paulson

Breathe Again
Maggie Lachlan is struggling to get over the death of her husband. After being overcome by emotion during a shift in the E.R., she's suspended indefinitely. Making things worse, she needs a place to stay after the quick sale of the house she shared with her late husband.Fortunately, her friend Ryan Stewart offers her a room while she gets her life in order, much to the chagrin of his brother and housemate, Brodan Steele. Brodan doesn't want to like Maggie, not when he knows Ryan has feelings for her too. But it's hard to deny the attraction he feels for her when she's sleeping under the same roof.
Being so close to Brodan awakens something in Maggie, something she never felt during her marriage. But as long as she's haunted by the past, she can't open herself up to the future…

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          My Thoughts

     Maggie has been struggling with keeping her head above water. And while she struggling she doesn't show anyone what she's going through. Work is her refugee. But not for long. Her work ethics is not as sharp as they were and her boss is noticing her declining work load. And decides to let her go. He gives her two weeks to grieve or recuperate.

     Fortunately she made new friends with a guy named Ryan and he became her savior in his own way. He was there to distract her from the obvious and help her heal. All the while falling for his brother Brodan. They definitely had chemistry, but Brodan kept her at arms length because of his brother. Which didn't work for either him or Maggie. They had a hot and cold relationship from the very start.

I really liked this story. However, it did take me a while to fully get into it. I liked all the characters, but I did have a small issue with Ryan. Though he was a grown man, to me he acted more like a child. So that was an issue for me. But I still had a soft spot for him. I did feel bad for him, but you would have to read the book to know what I mean. And I'm also not a huge fan of hot and cold relationships, that's what happened with Brodan and Maggie. Towards the end of the book, I did get teary eyed so that made up a lot, for the parts I didn't like. I like a tear jerker book. This book to me is 3 stars. A good read for those who like love stories, but with a tragic twist.




  1. Ha, a grown man that acts like a child? Sounds a bit realistic : D All kidding aside...I don't really read romances, but sometimes I like to watch them on tv. This one sounds like it would make a good Lifetime movie.

  2. Well its not like he acts like a child. He has a childlike personality. Plus his job is making gaming software so you have to think like one I guess to have that kind of job. Its how he came off to me. And since he's a sick guy his brother shelters him like a child. I think it can be a good Lifetime movie.

  3. 3 stars is not too bad, however, with the sheer volume of my TBR pile, I do not think I'd be able to make room for this book :(

  4. Awww. I'm really not a fan of hot and cold relationships. So it was a slight turn off for me.


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