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August 15, 2011

Twitter Account HACKED!

Hi Everyone!

I woke up this morning to about fifty different messages letting me know that our twitter account @GCReading has been hacked. Last night I received a direct message from a friend with a message saying "Hey, This is you right?" with a link attached to it. I, like an idiot, fell for this and clicked the link. I thought maybe my friend found a photo of me or something and was asking. Once I clicked the link I guess that was the okay for them to hack our Twitter account.

The only direct messages you should have gotten from us was from TruTwit. We have been using Trutwit for quite sometime to verify certain twitter accounts. There was a time when we were getting a lot of bot messages sent to us and it got tiring after a while. TruTwit is legit, but due to this hack I have also stopped using TruTwit to be safe. Our passwords have been changed and the direct messages should have stopped.

So please, please, if you receive a message saying "Hey, this is your right?" with a link, IGNORE IT. I am so sorry this has happened and hopefully everything is fixed now. If you did happen to click the link, I suggest that you change your password so this doesn't happen to you as well. It is my fault and I am so sorry.

If you continue to get random direct messages from me, please send me an e-mail at Damaris(AT)goodchoicereading(dot)com. Thank you again to those who took the time to send me personal messages and tweets letting me know about this hack. I really appreciate it.


  1. It got me this morning. I received an email that looked like it was from you guys and clicked the link. LOL

    Thanks for posting this - I just changed my twitter password.


  2. I received one of those messages from you but, i just deleted it, as the same thing happened to my friends account

  3. I got one and clicked it too! I'm gonna go change my password now lol

  4. LOL. I did the same thing! Thanks for letting us know.
    And you're not going to use TruTwit right?
    ... I'm off to change my password. :D

  5. I also got one of those, then responded back. I'm still learning twitter so I wasn't to sure what I was doing, sorry. I'll be on the look out for those in the future. Now I better go change my password to. Thanks for letting me/us know! :)(KateMReads)


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