August 11, 2011


As book reviewers, we at GoodChoiceReading are often asked to read a whole variety of novels. Some we fall in love with, some we can't even finish, and some are just downright weird.

Many of those books we're asked to review are actually self-published, and we are always happy to try to help an author get the word out there about their new novels.

BUT...are self-publishers making book-writing look too easy? Are they taking readers away from novelists who have worked hard to get a publishing company behind them? 

This Thursday's Question of the Day: What do you think of self-published authors... 


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  1. This is a hard question.
    On one hand, I feel like... ANYBODY can self-publish if they really want to. These books can't guarantee if the book is going to be any good or not. But then again, when is a book ever able to guarantee anything?

    On the other hand though, I think writers are writers, whether they're "professionally" published or not. It seems like self-published writers are looked down upon, but then again, I don't think anybody can really blame people for doing so. It's just natural.

    I personally would try reading a self-published book if it sounds good. I'll try it out - but so far, no luck just yet. Still not giving up - it's nice to give any book the benefit of the doubt at the end of the day.


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