August 05, 2011

Moonbeams-Werelove Blog Tour: Characters Post!

Character Post Created by Lakisha Spletzer. Enjoy!

The meeting place was in a less than stellar part of town. The cloaked traveler hurried along, being sure to avoid groups of chatting people. The figure slowed as it neared the meeting place. Casting an assessing glance about, the visitor rapped the required coded knocks and slipped inside when the door opened.

Inside the low murmur of voices filled the air as customers struck bargains, negotiated contracts and conversed merrily as the drinks flowed. The traveler nodded to the petite raven-haired tavern owner who led the way to the very back of the building. The traveler stood and said nothing, waiting on the people seated at the crowded table to notice.

A young woman with red hair and emerald green eyes threw the visitor a startled glance before frowning. “You're late, you know.”

All talk at the table ceased as the three men and four women gazed at the traveler.

“Well, what are you waiting for Uncle Stefan? Stop being weird and ditch the cloak.”

The man chuckled and unclasped the buckle at his throat. He neatly caught the cloak as it fell and folded it. “No need to get upset, Laylah. Remember it's all about presentation.”

“Presentation? I thought it was about the story?” demanded the young man to the left of Laylah.

“Sometimes, Cory, it is. But our esteemed creator likes to be a difficult,” explained the young half-elf with the giant sword strapped to her back.

“Hey, now, don't talk about people who aren't here. It's rude.”

“Aw, Britta, c'mon. We can gossip. I promise you, Lakisha has gone to bed. I think her kids left her exhausted. Now if it were me, I'd still be up. After all, it's the weekend and it's time to p-a-r-t-y!”

“Yeah, you would,” smirked the man to the left of Laylah.

“And just what, Donil, do you mean by that?”

“Exactly what you thought he did, Girl.”

“Nobody asked you, Shayleah!”

“Children, children. No fighting or I'll separate you.”

“Yes, Gerton!” The table's occupants replied and obediently quieted.

Stefan rolled his eyes and sat. “We came here to talk about our chaotic writer so that others can learn about her.”

“Yeah, but just what should we tell them? I personally have a complaint. She keeps letting that ONE over there do things to me!” Megan wailed.

Shayleah smirked and caressed her sword. “Would you like me to demonstrate for the visitors?”
“See!” Megan screeched.

Cory covered his ears and mumbled, “If Shayleah doesn't kill you, I'll ask Lakisha for permission to tape your mouth shut.”

“How about we get back to business?” Donil interrupted.

“Good idea. Let's start with the series our stories are in,” suggested Britta.

“All in agreement?” Laylah asked and counted the raised hands. “Uncle Stefan?”

“Don't worry. I have the questions right here.” He pulled a few sheets of paper and set them on the table. “Let's begin.”

What can you tell us about the books on this blog tour?

Britta: “Ours, <i>Werelove Midnight Revelations</i> continues Laylah's story, especially her Senior year at the Academy. She's got LOVE on the brain but Daddy Dearest is being a pain in the butt about it.”

Donil: * growls * “I swear I'm going to do something about that overbearing, overgrown, arrogant...”

Laylah: “Um hm. Let's talk about something else. Please?”

Cory: “All right. We can talk about <i>Moonbeams</i>. It's about how Megan, Rob and myself end up in this crazy, fantasy place with all these different races like elves, Trolgres, dwarves and others that are magical in nature.”

Megan: “Don't forget to mention the bad d├ęcor, the lack of color, the rudeness of the people and the lack of proper acknowledgment of my status as Diva.”

Gerton: “If you don't quiet down, you will be walking the rest of the journey through the Veil.”

Megan: * pouts *

Shayleah: “Don't forget to the mention the battles, rubbing elbows with royalty and the good eating you can find in the Veil.”

How would you describe Lakisha?

Stefan: “Very chaotic. But when she does buckle down and tell our stories, she is very dedicated.”

Laylah: “She really digs deep. She wants you to know us and feel us.”

Megan: “I personally think she likes to torture me, but I don't know why. I mean, I'm the one with all the common sense here.”

Cory: * chokes on his drink and starts laughing*

Donil: “Did she just say common sense? I think I need to get my hearing checked.”

Britta: “Fellows, focus. Remember, inquiring minds want to know. Let's see. I would have to say that her mind is always playing the “what if” game as she's writing. Which is fun because when we decide to deviate, she rolls with the punches.”

Shayleah: “She's not afraid to take a chance on a subject. Which is good because some of our stories are dark.”

What are some things readers can look forward to in the upcoming novels in the different series?

Gerton: “For us in the Veil, more battles.”

Laylah: “My powers activating and learning to control them.”

Stefan: “More face time for me.” * waves to Wanda* “Lakisha promised!”

Cory: “Visiting new places in the Veil and meeting more friends and enemies.”

Megan: “More respect for my common sense.”

Everyone groans and glares at her.

Megan: “What? It's true and you know it!”

Donil: “You know it's not all about you, Megan. Anyway, a lot of us have to make tough choices that will affect our relationships past and present and even some future ones.”

Shayleah: “Secrets about the position of Peacekeeper and what it means for me and my relationships with my friends and traveling companions. Oh, and maybe if I can convince her, a cliff to throw a certain aggravating fiance off.”

Britta: * doubles over laughing * “Whew! That's why I love hanging out with you guys! Hm, it means more reflection on my friendship and being true to myself and ideals with put into certain situations.”

Stefan rustles the papers, getting them in order before putting them away. “I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm outta here. Don't want to wake the sleeping writer. You know how grouchy she is when she's had no sleep.”

Everyone laughed and stood. A quick round of hugs and good-byes followed before the group dispersed to return to their homes.

--- Thank you so much Lakisha for sharing this with us!

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