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August 29, 2011

HUNGER GAMES Teaser Trailer!

For those who missed the VMA's last night, or just want to watch the trailer over and over again lol, here it is!

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What are your thoughts so far on the lil bit they revealed? 

I thought it was an exciting teaser. I would like to see the movie even though I haven't (and I am sure Maria and Wanda haven't either) read The Hunger Games (Yes, I know, what world do we live in? LOL) the movie actually looks good. 

Share your thoughts! I am curious!! :-)


  1. I think the forest looks like Twilight. IDK, maybe its just me. Still excited to see the movie!

  2. Loved the voice over from Gale. LOVED Rue's whistle at the end. GAAAAH can't wait for this movie :D

  3. Too short. I want to see it, but am praying they're not going to make it like the horror that is Twilight.


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