August 11, 2011

Going Away...

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am off to the Author After Dark event taking place Thursday to Sunday in Philadelphia, PA. I am super excited because I will be meeting some of my all time favorite Romance authors. This is my first time attending and I have no clue what to expect, but I am ready for the ride! LOL

Even though I will be MIA, Wanda, Maria, Amanda, Jason and Skyla will all be here. As far as the ARC tours go, Amanda is in charge and will try to keep up with all the e-mails (Not that there are many LOL).

Ah, wish me luck guys! I promise to share as many photos on Twitter and Facebook as I can from my mobile.

TTFN and Happy Reading!

P.S. If you're attending the Authors After Dark event too, shoot me an e-mail! Let's meet up!!

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