August 18, 2011

ARC TOURS - Questions & Answers

I just wanted to take a second to share some thoughts on our ARC Tours and update everyone a bit.

First, I want to say to everyone who has signed up for our tours and making them even possible, THANK YOU! They are running pretty smoothly (when I am not so lazy to update them lol) and I am happy with the results, but there are somethings I need to mention.

I've gotten some e-mails asking why they were skipped for an ARC Tour, or how come they never even made the tour.

Okay, well I am here to answer these for everyone.

If you were skipped for a tour or did not make the tour it can be because either...
  • You signed up without reading the rules or filling out the form
  • You do not have a blog
  • Or your blog has not been up and running for more than three months. 

Here is where you can find all the information about our ARC Tours and how they run - ARC TOURS RULES. At the bottom of that post you will find the form that needs to be filled out in order for us to consider you for any of our tours.

It is very important that you follow our rules and fill out the form. This helps us keep track of everything and keep everyone's information as personal as possible. I know some are new to the whole ARC Tours, but I am here to answer any questions and I am always willing to help out. I would just hate to see someone miss out on a good tour because they did not know exactly how it all works.

We have one tour that I am still taking sign-ups for because some of the sign-ups did not have a blog, or were not on the form. So I cannot begin the tour.

If you are interested please check it out - The Goblin War by Hilari Bell.

Hilari Bell is willing to donate the first two books in her series for those who have not read them in exchange for your review(s). So basically the tour is for all three books in the series.  :-) Depending on how many sign-ups I get this week, I will determine how long the tour will be. So please, check it out.

Please, please if you have any questions at all, e-mail them here

Thank you! :-)


  1. Are there any available slots for the Goblin War tour left?

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  2. Oh my goodness Damaris you make it sound so tempting!! lol but im going to resist since I haven't read #1 & #2 yet =) and I still have the other to read. Hope your have a great week.
    Wishing you an early safe & great week!! ^_^


  3. Wasn't sure if you were still accepting people to do reviews for the tour. My email is and my site is and I am in Florida


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