July 30, 2011

Sad News in the Book Industry

This Saturday we'd like to share two pieces of news for you, both that are a bit disturbing....

Missouri High School Bans Books

After complaints from a parent, a high school in Missouri decided to ban two Y.A. novels: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, and Twenty Boy Summer by Sara Ockler. 

The parent complained that the books went against the teachings in the Bible, and yet the school board claims that the only reason they banned the books were because they were not age-appropriate. 

According to the school's superintendent, people were reading SlaughterHouse-Five in the library and thought that the book contained crude language and adult themes. Similarly, readers felt that Twenty Boy Summer sensationalized sexual promiscuity and included questionable language, drunkenness, and lying to parents. 

The school's board is now working on policies that will stop students from being able to watch R-rated movies in school. 

I'm personally finding this to be a bit too "big brother" for me. Shouldn't a student be able to choose what they want to read??

LA Times Fires All of their Freelance Reviewers :(

On July 21st, 2011, The Los Angeles Times book review laid off all of their freelance book reviewers and columnists. 

The editor of the book review announced that due to budget cuts, all book-related stories will be done in-house from now. One of their freelance staffers had been with the Times for 23 years. 

Currently, only four staffers remain in the book review section.

Now I don't know about you, but I think this is a huge mistake for the LA Times.



  1. I'd heard about the ban of Twenty Boy Summer not to long ago and thought "WTF??!" Seriously, what is wrong with some people these days?

    As for the LA Times, that's just sad. Dry-tear sad.

  2. Yeah, I live where the whole Twenty Boy Summer thing is taking place and I don't know a single person who agrees with the decision. But that's okay--my kids will be in the public library just as often as the school library, where they'll have access to books that actually pertain to real life.

  3. yet another reason why I hate religion....

  4. there are some seriously misguided people out there, its sad :(
    I'm sorry but just because a book might tell a story about promiscuity doesn't mean I'm going to go out and be promiscuous.
    Some people just don't give kids a helluva lot of credit....there not all going to be axe murderers and tarts because it was in a book they read!!!!

  5. I think that when it comes to books it depends on the maturity of kids. Cause I have seen some kids walk into the bookstore go to the naughty book section just to giggle. *rollseyes* But if a student can read book for what it is then I think its okay. It just depends. As far as the parents saying stuff. Umm have you been the mall or sit on school bus lately? Kids learn more stuff about sex from tv, music and school than a book. There is nothing new they will lean from a book that they haven't picked up from their friends.

  6. I agree with Savannah. I'm fourteen, and I haven't read those books, but it's true. We learn more stuff about sex from our friends, school, tv, and music. The sad thins is, half of these things aren't true, while in books it most likely is.
    As for the LA Times, I do believe they're making a huge mistake, but then again these budget cuts are horrible...
    Oh, and yes, in my opinion, a student be able to choose what they want to read.


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