July 21, 2011


So as most of you have read recently, it was announced this week that Borders Book Stores will be closing all of their stores by September, 2011.

Currently, Borders has about 400 stores and about 11,000 employees who will lose their jobs.

So Thursday's Question of the Day: how do you feel about the closing of Borders? Does it bother you? Does it not even affect you?



  1. As I live in Canada, it does not really affect me. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't sadden me. The idea of a bookstore, ANY bookstore closing, is very sad. They are a place for people to escape their everyday lives and relax, letting their troubles go--even if it's just for a little while.

  2. I have to say it doesn't affect me but I'm still sad to hear about the jobs lost and the peoples lives that are affected by it. I will though be looking forward to the sales we have one a couple city's over but I normal don't shop there because the gas getting there.

  3. It's really bugging me because I don't really shop at any other book stores or online. Borders has always been my source for books. Borders always had AMAZING discounts and great things on their website. Now, I either have to pay a price for a book that is just way over priced, borrow from the library, or shop amazon or book depository. Which I don't really like doing. With Borders every time I shopped with them I gained points towards my next 5 bucks off. One month I got 20 dollars off. For every hundred you get 5 bucks. Do the math...

    This sucks big time! Not to mention all the people losing their job like Sue Grimshaw. It's really sad!

    Sue was the romance buyer for Borders. It sucks...

  4. As a Canadian, this doesn't affect me, but it does make me feel sad for the industry as a whole! It's too bad that this will leave people far away from books, I don't even want to know what it's like not having a bookstore in my town!

  5. When both of our Borders' closed a few months ago I was upset. But now I've come to terms with no longer having one. It's sad to see so many people lose their jobs, though.

  6. It's been years since I was able to find a good selection at my 2 local Borders. They don't have much in terms of YA and they tend to only stock the newest book in a series, so if I'm just starting a series, I have to go somewhere else or to the library.

    However, I'm sad that so many book lovers, booksellers and reading communities are losing their book buying source and jobs. I would never have wished this on the company.

    I just hope that readers who are affected by this find another way to fulfill their love of books.

  7. YES! It bothers me. Waldenbooks (Borders) is the only bookstore in town. Now I have nothing. Well I can always to my local indie which is a 30 min drive or to Barnes and Noble which is a hour drive. Either way, I have to drive a ways to get to a book store. Plus, I feel bad for those losing their job.

  8. It's rally dumb to close them all down.People have been useing them for a long time.And me i perfer my books as print and i really dont like to buy stuff online at all,inless i use some form of prepaid.To many people out there trying to be you.So yes it bothers me quit alot.They closed down are Waldens in the mall last year and in it place put some book store that costs to much to even walk into. But there's nothing any of us can do..You had a great question this week tho:):)

  9. It doesn't affect as me much since I haven only bought books there once. But it is upsetting knowing many people will lose their jobs...
    And even more knowing that many people didn't even visit Borders, but I even knew a lot of my teachers, friends too who didn't like Borders. I had nothing against the book store.

  10. I am really bummed about this! We only have a Borders Express left in my town and now that will be closing too. When our main Borders closed down, it was a huge loss for me. I loved going there to check out & buy books and just loved the atmosphere of the store. After they closed, I did alot more buying online through their website. I really miss the bookstore experience. I buy my paperbacks through them because they always have coupons and I also get their Borders Bucks, plus I have the "plus" membership so I get free shipping w/no minimum purchase required & an extra 10% off everything. I went to the express store today to ask them about the closing and they told me that most likely the "online" store will be closing too. I am so, so sad about this. Amazon doesn't discount paperbacks like Borders does and they don't have coupons :( I read alot of books, so I need to save whenever possible. Amazon is great for the hardcovers though. I also think about all those people losing their's just heartbreaking :(


  11. I'm always sad when a bookstore closes, but it honestly won't affect me. There isn't a Borders close enough for me to shop in. I shop at Books-a-Million. Still, I feel bad for all those people who are losing their jobs.


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