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June 02, 2011


One of the very first paranormal books I had ever read was recommended to me by Damaris @ GCR, and it was Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian. Oh, I fell in love with the book immediately, especially the love scenes! They were romantic and mushy, but they were also passionate and VERY sexy, lol.

But maybe not everyone is like me, lol. So Thursday's Question of the Day is pretty straightforward:

What do you think of sex in your books? Do you think some books are too raunchy? Are some not raunchy enough?



  1. I like reading sex scenes, as long as they are done tastefully. Raunchy = distasteful in my book. The scenes can be explicit as long as they are well written.

  2. I love sex scenes, but I what I look for the most in a sex scene are the emotions. If an author sits there and writes to much about all the stuff their doing and nothing about how they are feeling about one another and at the moment, I tend to skip it. I know I am weird lol... That is why I can't do erotica lol

  3. Sex scenes make me uncomfortable if they are very explicit (probably because I am a teenager and I still have a little of that yuck gut reaction) but it doesn't ruin a book for me if the story and characters are good enough and the sex has real meaning. I prefer scenes that fade away and, even though you know what happens, it is not described.

  4. I love this question, and I wish every author who ever tried their hand at writing Adult Fiction would read the answers. I agree with Damaris, I can definitely handle sex scenes, even enjoy them - so long as they are done tastefully. I need to feel a connection to the characters, and feel like the act of sex is either moving the plot along, or intensifying the feelings the characters have for each other. Either way, the sex has to be part of the build-up of the plot, and not just a sleazy gratifying act. Only then is the sex scene worth reading. As a reader, that's my point of view. As a writer, to be very honest, I am totally incapable of writing one...yet. I hope to try my hand at writing something like it very soon - just as a challenge, because it is something I have not been able to achieve yet.


  5. I agree with the Enamored Soul and Damaris, I like the sex scenes when there is something more behind it. One reason I don't like erotica is because it's all sex and all the raunchy details of it. I love a book that has the sex stuff, but also a great plot and characters

  6. I'm not a big fan of raunchy books. I don't mind sex, but I don't think it needs to be graphic if it's not an erotica novel. Like some other commenters said -- tasteful is the way to go. I read books for plot and story and character, not gratuitous sex scenes that do nothing to advance the plot.

  7. Now I am a huge fan of Erotica. HOWEVER, I don't like sleazy either AND I don't like sex scenes in YA books. I feel that if I read a YA book, I shouldn't be reading sex scenes in it. It's intended for young readers and I wouldn't like teenagers reading that. So to answer this question. I love sex scenes (detailed and all) but not sleazy. You can write a detailed sex scene without making it sound disgusting. I've seen it done.


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