June 06, 2011

Movie Trailer: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Ah! Finally! I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn and last night the trailer just brought back out all my love for Twilight!!!

Guys, it's coming to end soon :-( is anyone else sad?

Anyway, if you missed the trailer HERE IT IS :-)

*Sigh* Jacob Black... yum! lol

What are your thoughts on the Trailer?


  1. I think the trailer looks great! I am excited about this movie and I am curious to see how they manage to pull it all off! Can't wait. :)

  2. Oooh thanks for posting! I hadn't seen this yet, but I read all the books/saw all the previous films so I'm pretty stoked for this one too.

    I was totally team Jacob! : )

  3. I love the trailer. It gives us a glimpse of everything without giving anything away. I can't wait for the movie and it's going to be so hard waiting for part 2.

  4. I super excited to see how they pull off Bella pregnant.

    I think they will end Part one right before she gives birth, or when Edward puts the needle in her heart.

    Where do you think they are going to end it?

  5. I saw this and squealed all the way through. I am sad that it is ending but at least The Hunger Games is starting! I think that they will end it after she gives birth, maybe you hear a baby cry then a cut off or maybe show the baby and cut off then. IDK, its gonna be good

  6. Well Renesme has been casted so I am hoping we see more than we expect lol

  7. I agree that they'll probably end at the birth.


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