June 28, 2011

Good Choice Reading ARC Tours!!!

Good Choice Reading has decided that sharing books with our followers is a lot of fun, so why not try ARC tours? This way our followers can have a chance to read and review the books along with us. We love doing giveaways and will continue to do giveaways, but we also enjoy hearing everyone else thoughts on that AWESOME book we've just read and loved.

1. So how will these ARC tours work?

I am sure you've seen tons of ARC tour sites and have participated in some or at least read their rules. Our tours will be very similar to theirs.

2. Will this be a permanent thing on Good Choice Reading?

Depends. If we get enough sign ups and everything works out with the first couple of tours we start, it can become a permanent thing for us. 

So, if you like this idea and think that Good Choice Reading should do it, please GO HERE to read the rules and fill out the FORM to sign up. If we get enough sign ups by Monday, we will begin our first tour.

Thank you!

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