June 15, 2011


Ah! Veronica Roth just announced the title for Divegent #2 on her Blog. It's going to be named...

YAY! I love it and I am curious now to see what the title stands for lol.

Check Veronica Roth's blog for more details and what exactly INSURGENT means. :-)

I am so excited! Love this book and it's my favorite so far of 2011. Nothing has compared! I've read some really great titles, but none have stuck in my head this year like Divergent has. And I am sure Wanda feels the same way as I do. We still haven't gotten Maria to read it yet. Watch out Maria, we will force you if we have too!!! lol

What are your thoughts on the title for D2??


  1. But it's so far away!! I just can't see how much better this book could be. Honestly. Divergent went above and beyond in entertainment so we'll just have to patiently wait. I know I can't wait to read it.


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