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May 06, 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry it took us this long to announce all the winners. They have been emailed and have all replied.

Blogoversary DAY 1 - Crystal F.
Blogoversary DAY 2 - Darcy O.
Blogoversary DAY 3 - Maria S.
Blogoversary DAY 4 - Tai A, Guadalupe M; Angel S.

Susan Mallery winners are: Cheryl F. and Crystal B.

We promise sometime early next week, we'll pick the winners for our FINAL BLOGOVERSARY DAY.
       Lots of thanks to who celebrated with us and who entered and also left us wonderful comments.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my...I completely missed this post!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! :D

    I absolutely loved all the insightful posts by you ladies during the Blogoversary run. It was wonderful getting to know a little about our fav bloggers :D



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