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May 19, 2011


Today's question stems from something I started thinking about on my way to work this morning. While I was on the train, I looked up and saw SO many people reading - but in so many different ways. I had a book (like a real page-turning book, I felt so old, lol), the lady next to me had a kindle, and someone else was using their Iphone.

My question to you this Thursday morning: how do you read your books? And what is your favorite way to do so?



  1. Personally, my favorite way to read is on my Kindle. It's easy to carry and I can just go from one book to the next :)

  2. I love, love, love books. But I also love, love, love my kindle. I like the kindle for heavier books. I like regular books for so many reasons. The feel of them, the covers, etc.

  3. Honestly, I hate reading a book that is hardcover. They are good to have because the book last longer, but to read it, I hate it. I love my eReader and Paperbacks lol.

  4. It depends where I am. On the train, I like to read on my Kindle. At home I read physical books. I also like to listen to audio books when I am doing house work. So I am usually reading 3 books at a time.

  5. Hardcover and paperbacks are the best, hands down. You just can't beat the feel of real pages and the smell of the ink.
    I tend to read a lot late and night and into the early morning, when the house is quiet and everybody else is asleep. I am a bit of a night owl. :)

  6. I love to read specially printed copies of books...though I own more ebooks I usually just print them when I want to read them...^^ and I love to read at night or at the beach! it's soo relaxing...but since I can't go to the beach every day I end up with this huge pink pillow I have just put my book-bookmark-and matching pen and take off!:D

  7. At first I thought I would never ever enjoy reading a book through a non-traditional means such as a Kindle/e-reader. However, when I borrowed my wife's Kindle one time, I fell in love, It was so convenient, especially during a commute.

  8. Up until recently I would have said paperback,every time. But now I am completely and utterly obsessed with my Kindle. Being an indie author of YA ebooks myself, I figured I couldn't very well sell ebooks and not have an e-reader. My Kindle arrived about 3 weeks ago and it is AWESOME. I have lots of regular books in my library but I would rather read them on my kindle!
    Suzy Turner


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