May 12, 2011


So I don't know about everyone else around the country, but here in New York at least, the weather has been gorgeous! We've had an entire week of 70+ degree days and hardly any rain.

Spring is my absolute favorite season - for a lot of reasons, but most especially because its the time I can go outside and read to my heart's content. My favorite outdoor place to read would have to be the beach. I can't go yet, but there is just something about the waves and the sand that make a good book even better.

What about you all? Where is your favorite outdoor place to read?



  1. Mine would be the park across the street, they have a great playground with benches and trees all around it. You can watch the kids and still have a great place to read.

  2. Since I don't really like the beach, I can't agree with you lol. But I do like to read out by the pool or in a sun room. In Vermont I had the perfect view to sit and read and listen to the river. I miss it! :-(

  3. On the swing on our front porch. :-)

  4. On this rock in my front yard. We have huge trees and you cannot even see our house from the road so it's nice and shady and quiet.

  5. I'd have to say my bath tub! LOL! Soaking in a bubble bath, cant get more relaxing than that.

  6. The beach sounds great, but the sun is always too bright for me, and I find it hard to read with the sun blaring down on the pages of my book. Instead, my favorite outdoor place to read would be under any shady tree.


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