May 05, 2011


So one thing I've been noticing more and more lately is that everyone I know who loves to read, also loves to write. I guess it has something to do with the written word - and just loving the way that words make you feel.

But my question to you all of our GCReaders out there: how many of you are actually writers? And no, you do not have to be published. To me, if you love writing and you do it fairly frequently, then you are writer.
And what kinds of things do you like to write about?



  1. I am a writer and love books of all kinds. I enjoy writing fantasy or anything I can't get out of my head. I have always been a big daydreamer.

  2. I do not write. I wish I could. I find that the ideas I have to put into words don't come out the way I thought them. If that makes sense at all.

  3. I read historical romance, but I write contemporary romance. I've been writing since I learned to read. I'm a daydreamer too.

  4. Well Maria, as you already know I am too a writer. I write fiction and erotica. I also write poems. I would love to share one of my poems but i dont think I'm ready for critiques. Maybe one day.

  5. Heads, replying from cell phone. So if any mistakes, ignore them lol.

    Ive noticed that a lot of book bloggers are writers. A lot do fan fiction. I would love to write a book some day, but i am always worried about my grammer and stuff lol.

    Ive tried to write a chapter or two and i alwAys delete it lol.

    If i did write a book, it would definitely be paranormal romance. :)

  6. Not a writer at all but an avid reader! I hate writing because I think I suck at it lol!

  7. I've always been a big reader and an equally huge daydreamer. I didn't know that I could be a writer until I realized that everything I wrote, letters to friends, diary entries, emails, were always based on a story and carefully crafted! Now I'm trying to be a writer for real on the side of book blogging, work and running a jewelry business... so yeah, it's a busy life! :)
    Alyssa at Redhead Heroines


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