May 22, 2011

Book Expo America!

Ah! Okay. I am done packing and getting ready to head to bed. Tomorrow morning I will be heading to NYC to meet up with Maria and Wanda and begin our crazy week. We're super excited about attending BEA and cannot wait to finally meet all the great bloggers we've been chatting with online. Not to mention all the AWESOME authors that will be at BEA. This is our first time attending and we have no clue what to expect, but to me that makes it even more exciting! ADVENTURE!

This week we will be skipping In My Mailbox and a couple of other meme's we usually take part in. We do have a couple of post scheduled so be in the look out for those. We are also taking part in the Splash Into Summer giveaway hop hosted by I AM A READER, NOT A WRITER and PAGE TURNERS BLOG. So make sure to check out the blog on Wednesday, May 25th to see our giveaway stop!

Also, I extended my Vanish by Sophie Jordan giveaway. Since I will not be here to pick a winner, I figured why close it? This way those who didn't get a chance to enter still do. You can find the link on the left sidebar. :-)

Well, wish us luck guys! And to everyone who is arriving in NYC tomorrow, MESSAGE me! I will be there all day too.


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