April 01, 2011

Susan Mallery "Already Home" Blog Tour!

We the girls of Good Choice Reading are proud to be hosting author Susan Mallery's 'Already Home' Blog Tour, beginning today over at Girls in The Stacks. Being such huge fans of her books and her biggest cheerleaders, we are very happy to be involved with anything she does. If you have a copy of her new book, Already Home, you might have noticed inside on the praise page that we are quoted along with Publishers Weekly and other popular reviewers. We want to thank Susan for quoting us and we will continue to spread the word about how great her books are!

It was very hard to express in only two sentences, how much we like Susan Mallery's books! But sometimes the best things in life don't need to be talked up...because their greatness speaks for itself.

Here are the Blog Tour dates:

April 1st - Girls in The Stacks
April 5th - BaffledBooks
April 7th - Skyla11377
April 9th - Good Choice Reading 

So we ask that you join us from April 1st to April 9th where Susan will be sharing a lot of great things with everyone. 


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