April 18, 2011

Lauren Oliver – Cornucopia of Dystopia Interview

Hey Everyone!

Good Choice Reading is taking place in Lauren Oliver's scavenger hunt interview today. The interview is spread across eight blogs, each linking to the next in the chain. You'll have to follow the link trail to see the interview in its entirety! 

Here is our scavenger hunt question with Lauren Oliver...

7. If you were in Lena's shoes, would you have made same choice as she did? Why?

Oh, jeez. I’m not sure. She turned her back on family, culture, and society. Would I like to think I would be brave enough to do so? Sure. Have their been times in my life I’ve acted boldly, and not in accordance with what was expected? Sure. Have their been many times that I haven’t? Of course. Fear is a great motivator and mechanism of control. 

Now head on over to Reading Teen for your next hunt! :-)

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