April 18, 2011

iClue Mystery with Author Lee Nichols (@leexnichols)

Today we will be sharing with everyone author Lee Nichols mystery iClue. For those who don't know what iClue is, check out this site for more information.

And now over to Lee Nichols :-)


Hi everyone,

Welcome to iClue. Six authors with six different mysteries and six weeks of book giveaways on our favorite book blogs (including this one!). Once you solve my mystery, head over to iClue  <Lee Nichols> and enter your answer. That's all you need to do to be eligible to win the grand prize: an iPod Touch loaded with all the ebooks you see in the iClue banner. You're welcome to enter once for each author mystery. So let's start playing!

A little about my mystery

I love pop culture and love to include pop culture references in my books. But ... sometimes it can date a book or possibly end up tragically. For example, if today I wrote something specifically about Charlie Sheen, in two years it could read funny or not so funny or just plain odd. So instead I'd mention an actor who got fired from a popular sitcom because he had some issues with drugs and prostitutes. That's vague enough, that in two years it could be relevant to a completely different scandalous actor. And that's what today's mystery is about. 

This is an excerpt from BETRAYAL the second Haunting Emma book which came out in March. In it Emma and Bennett are visiting the Knell for the first time and Emma notices the ghost of a dead celebrity. Read the passage and see if you can figure out who the celebrity is. If you know the answer, DON'T POST IT IN THE COMMENTS. Instead go straight to iClue and enter your answer. But if you're having trouble, check back tomorrow and I'll post the first clue to help you figure it out.

Bennett led me down the cobble-stoned street, past narrow brownstones with ornate wrought-iron fences and ancient trees growing between the sidewalks. 

“So, is this whole block ghostkeepers?” I said.

“Yeah, mostly people involved with the Knell.”

As dusk crept over the rooftops, I watched a boy who looked like Nicholas climb a streetlamp, light a long match, and fiddle with the glass. The lamp lit instantly—but from electricity, not his flame. 

“I don't get it,” I said. “They’re not like the ghosts in Echo Point.” Or even the ones I remembered from my childhood, before my parents had my ability suppressed. “It's like they don't know they're dead.”

“Maybe it’s the street,” he said. “Or the Knell, or how many ghostkeepers live here. No one's really sure why, but they almost forget they're ghosts.”

We passed a small private park where a few old guys played chess at tables under the street lamps. A younger ghost moved a rook, eccentrically dressed and familiar.
I stopped and stared. “Is that...?”

“The actor?” A movie star who’d recently died of an overdose. “Yeah.”

“Have you asked if it was suicide or an accident?”

He looked at me. “No.”

“Oh, right.” He couldn't communicate with them and I felt like a jerk for bringing it up.

So do you know the answer? Who is the actor? If you do, go here <http://www.wix.com/landlroecker/iclue/b-revis#!__l-nicols> and enter to win the iPod Touch. If you can't figure it out yet, come back here tomorrow and I'll give you a clue. Thanks for playing!

Well that's it guys! If you know the answer go ahead and submit it. Still not to sure? Check back tomorrow for another iClue! :-) If you haven't checked out all the authors iClues, make sure you do! Don't want to miss out!

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