April 04, 2011

Guest Review: The Reunion Game by Jan Scarbrough

Kindle Edition (Ages 18+)
Published February 19th 2011 by Turquoise Morning Press

Thirty-three-year-old Jane Smith's biological clock is ticking. But pickings are slim in Legend, Tennessee, until the fifteen year high school reunion gives Jane a second chance. Graham Winchester will be back in town. 

In high school, Jane's shyness has stopped her from taking action. Now she's older, wiser and no longer afraid. Graham has moved to the big city and won't stick around after the reunion. He's a confirmed bachelor and happily-ever-after is not in his makeup. Yet, Jane must exorcise the demon Graham has become so she can get on with her life.Switching places with her glamorous twin sister is just what she needs to get Mr. Most Likely to Succeed into bed and out of her heart.

Jan Scarbrough writes one hell of a book. When I read this book I had no idea it was part of a series. With that being said, I can honestly say that didn't seem to matter because I was never lost wondering who so and so was talking about. In short I am telling you, you could read this book as a stand alone and not miss a think in the story. Jane and Graham are such great characters each with their own set of faults/flaws that make this a very enjoyable read. This story also had an unexpected kink in the scenario that I was pleasantly surprised by. Jane having a twin sister to switch places really ups the dynamic in this story. Who wouldn't want to have a twin sister to switch places with from time to time. Patty Duke did it in the Patty Duke Show, Hayley Mills did it in the Parent Trap, and Lindsay Lohan did it in the Parent Trap remake. Granted all of them were one person playing a dual role but you could never tell. That is what makes having a twin so appealing. BUT there is always a downside to everything in life and in reading this story you will find out Jane's and her reasons behind playing her little "game". I am so afraid to say something that will spoil this book for somebody who hasn't read it. This book has it all drama, angst, high school crush, best friends, a high school reunion, old friends, old lives/past behaviors, and an awaking to new possibilities. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a 10 and encourage everyone 18+ who has had a crush on someone, never felt good enough, felt like they didn't know what their future held, or who just LOVES a really good story to pick up this book and get to know Graham and Jane. Now I am off to find the first three books in this series....^_^.



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  1. Umm the Cover. Yeah. Totally makes me want to read this book! :) Fab review though! I am definitely going to check the series out!


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