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April 09, 2011

Guest Post/Giveaway: Susan Mallery "Already Home" Blog Tour

Susan Mallery Wants to Save You Money

Susan Mallery has entertained millions of readers with her witty and emotional stories of women and the relationships that move them. In her latest novel, ALREADY HOME, Jenna Stevens, still reeling from a recent divorce, is unpleasantly surprised by the arrival of her birth parents, who seem to want her to feel a family bond immediately. She was perfectly happy with the loving, traditional parents who raised her. Can she learn to love a second mother without damaging her relationship with the woman who raised her? Join Susan’s Members Only area at for exclusive sneak peeks, short stories, and more.

I love to shop online. Yes, I know that I live within walking distance to some of the finest shopping in the United States, including the flagship Nordstrom’s in Seattle, but that would mean venturing out of my house. Making myself pretty enough for public consumption. Clothes, makeup… do I have to?

I’ve discovered something that has rocked my world: Do you know about this site? Before I click the “complete purchase” button on any website, I swing over to and type in the business to see if there are any promo codes for that site.

Like right now, as I write this, I can get $20 off a pair of jeans from Or hey, I can get free shipping on any pair of shoes I buy from No need to walk to the store when the shoes can come to me for free.

The best way to use RetailMeNot, I’ve found, is to wait until I’m ready to check out at whatever site I’m shopping, then check to see if there’s a promo code for anything that’s in your shopping cart. That way, it’s like coming into free money. You were going to buy the items anyway, so any savings you might get will be a happy surprise.

If I don’t find a promo code on RetailMeNot, I sometimes Google the store name and the words “promo code.” I’ve had less success that way because there are a lot of promo codes out there that have expired. Things stay on the internet forever, but they aren’t effective forever, and it gets frustrating to try several promo codes that don’t work.

Try RetailMeNot. You’ll thank me later.

I do truly understand that readers’ entertainment funds are limited, and I’m always honored that you choose to buy my books. ALREADY HOME is the first book of mine that my publisher has released in trade paperback format, which costs more than mass market paperbacks. So I’ve created a page on my website to tell you when a reader lets me know about a great price on ALREADY HOME. The link to the page is in the Bargain box on the right-hand side of my home page, There are a few bargains out there already. Be sure to let me know if you find more!

Besides bookstores, what is your favorite site for online shopping? What do you love about it? What is the most recent thing you bought online?


Good Choice Reading is giving away a copy of Already Home to one lucky person.

To Enter is very simple...

Take a second and leave a comment answering Susan Malley's question,  

Besides bookstores, what is your favorite site for online shopping? What do you love about it? What is the most recent thing you bought online?

This giveaway is US ONLY. 
However, we do have a donate button on the left if anyone would like to help out, we can make it international.

Giveaway ends on April 15th at 11:59 EST 

Winner we be chosen by

Double your chances 

Check out Sinfully Tasty Reads (Ours Adult Romance Blog) for another chance at winning Already Home. You can only win once though. 

Good luck everyone!!! 



  1. I love Amazon - I love that they suggest more books based on my interest (this is my number one pet peeve with B&N Online, so I pick my books through Amazon, but buy through B&N for my Nook)- last book I bought was Midnight by LJ Smith, although I'm buying City of Fallen Angels today - can't wait :))

  2. I shop all the time on Amazon (yes, I usually still buy books but sometimes I buy other stuff too :)!). I utilize too so I save up to get Amazon giftcards.

  3. I use amazon all the time. I just ordered some cheese from them this morning.

  4. I shop at am a vitamin nut and their prices are the best. I can find ANYTHING there! Latest: Cooking with coconut oil.


  5. Samantha, Colleen, and Debbie,

    I love Amazon, too, and for more than just the books! I love that you can buy just about anything on there. Too much fun! It's pretty fun to look through the really big ticket items there sometimes. Things that are wayyyyyy too expensive to actually buy, but just so much fun to drool over.

  6. Soft Fuzzy Sweater - okay, it sounds really weird to call you that. LOL I've heard that coconut oil is the most delicious oil to use when making popcorn. Try it and let me know what you think!

  7. Besides Amazon for almost everything - especially books - I shop at for the best scrapbook, craft supplies, and Cricut deals. After reading scrapbooking is my next obsession.

  8. I love Powells for used books and BN.cpm for others since with membership there is free shipping. I would love to read this book. THank you!

    terilhack at gmail dot com

  9. X-treme Reader, ooooh, how fun! I think I could get into scrapbooking, if I could just find the time. It looks really fun.

  10. Thank you for stopping by, Teril! I hope you love ALREADY HOME!

  11. I just realized that I haven't thanked Damaris... BAD ME!!! Not only was Damaris kind enough to host me here today at Good Choice Reading, but she also coordinated this entire blog tour. Thank you so much, Damaris! You definitely earned the title of Head Cheerleader. ;) I really appreciate everything you've done for me. Can't wait to meet you at BEA!

  12. I love I may be just a wee bit addicted to books, so I am always buying from there. But besides books, I rarely do any online shopping. Unless of course it is on Ebay! I love the thrill of bidding and winning :)


  13. I am addicted to Amazon. But I did just yesterday make a large purchase on ebay. So I would say that I spam those 2 sites. :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  14. I use because they have the site to store with free shipping! I bought a new camera and my sony ereader last time and both were a bundle so it was a good deal!! Can't wait to read this book!!!

  15. Lately I've been shopping on Barns and noble , buying used books from their "trusted sellers". I purchased 12 books! Love reading. The last book I bought was Hush Hush.


  16. I love Amazon. They have everything. I purchased City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and pre-ordered the new Harry Potter.


  17. Hubby and I love We bought our big-screen TV and digital camera from that site. Free Shipping is the draw.

  18. I buy books online from Borders sometimes or even Walmart online. I can't remember the last book I bought online. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  19. Oooooh, Tiffany! eBay is dangerous! Bidding can get out of hand. I've bought my husband some great presents on eBay, though. He loves art glass, and you can find anything on eBay.

  20. Vivien, another eBay addict!!!! What did you buy most recently? Anything fun?

  21. LandsSmom, I've never shopped on Wal-Mart's website, but I love Wal-Mart because they sell my books! <3

  22. Tanya... What's that now?! A new Harry Potter?!

  23. Heidi, have you read Hush Hush yet? Do you love it? Sounds really intriguing!

  24. Mona, I've never heard of I'm going to go check it out tonight! Thanks for the recommendation!

  25. Thank you, Tore! I hope you love ALREADY HOME.

  26. It's gotta be Amazon! Especially their section on Bargain books..Way too addicting!!


  27.,, and Yes, I shop around for bargains and deals. Oh, I'm such a bargain hunter.

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (Dot) com

  28. I love Amazon, they really do have just about everything you need. I ordered some tea from them that I had found locally and then couldn't find it anymore. Also, they have a lot of sugar-free syrups and as I have to watch my blood sugar they come in handy for coffee and soft drinks.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  29. I use Origins makeup and face creams, etc. I probably place an order from there about every 2 months. But, I did just place an order from ABT for a new iphone case. I wanted a SkullCandy one and neither our local Apple store and bestbuy carried one for the iphone. I had a great experience buying form ABT. Same price that I expected and no cost for shipping and no sales tax.
    lvsgund at

  30. When I shop online it is almost always at Amazon. They have great prices and so many things that you can find.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  31. A lot of Amazonians here! Molly, I love the skull candy phone case! Cute, cute, cute. They have such neat things. I'll have to check out ABT.

  32. Aww thank you Susan! I am a huge fan and will always be! I love your work and I love it when I see someone picking up one of your books. Working at Borders, I was always pushing your books lol. :-)

  33. My favorite site for online shopping is because I can find almost anything I'm looking for, the prices are competitive, and free shipping is often available :) The most recent thing I bought online was a Club Pogo membership. *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  34. My Favorite site for Books is Amazon, and for medicines and health products is Drugstore. Both have been so helpful and so easy.

  35. Amazon. They really have a great recommendation system based on what you have already read or bought.

    And the most recent was a book.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  36. I order from an independent online bookseller called, as well as, Amazon.

  37. EBay!! I love that you can find almost anything you are looking for. My last purchase was a cross-stitch pattern of the Monopoly board.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Besides bookstores, what is your favorite site for online shopping? What do you love about it? What is the most recent thing you bought online?
    I would have to say I am an EBAYaholic! I also like selection is my reason why and the last thing I bought outdoor rug. YEAH! Spring is here!
    Great giveaway! Count me in!
    aurora m.

  39. I like Amazon. The most recent thing I bought online were two for each of my daughters.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  40. I shop at Amazon and the last thing I bought was a knitting book. Just got it yesterday!

  41. I love amazon and mostly just do book shopping online with some kids stuff thrown in. I like amazon because I can get books and other things all at once. If I don't do amazon I shop at for my kids and nieces and nephews who live in a different state for christmas and birthdays. That way I can go the site to store option and not worry about shipping. We live in a very little town and our walmart isn't stocked very well so it's nice to have that site to store option. My fav. thing I bought online.... It was a special ordered Christmas onament I had made specially for my husband. Back home I went to the christmas bazarr every year and always bought an ornament from this lady. I loved the ornaments and over the last 5 years since we moved away I missed getting our yearly ornament, so when I saw she started her shop online, I freaked and got ahold of her and she made a special one for us.



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