April 22, 2011

Beth Fantaskey's "Jessica Rules The Darkside"

I was just browsing the internet and decided to visit Beth Fantaskey website to see if there were any updates on JRTDS and there are now two sneak peeks up. I know, I'm probably late with this lol, but ah! I loved the first book (Jessica's guide to dating on the darkside) and after reading the sneak peeks, I am dying to get my hands on this book. I hate that we have to wait until January 2012 for it :-(.

I love the covers to the books as well. So pretty! :-)

Book One

If you haven't read the two sneak peeks Beth has up on her website, check it out HERE...

Anyone else as excited over Jessica Rules the Darkside as I am lol?


  1. Love the color scheme of this blog. Come visit mine. I'm going to BEA as well. Are you going to be at BBC as well.

  2. Hi Grace, no we wont be at BBC. This is our first year visiting BEA. Let's see how that goes first lol


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