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March 18, 2011

Vampire Crush Blog Tour - Final Stop (CLOSED)

Yay! You're finally at the final stop of the tour!

Our Video Interview with A.M. Robinson

Photos of our day with author A.M. Robinson

 Dee and A.M.

 Lisa and A.M.

Wanda and A.M.


If you've been following the tour, you know that A.M. Robinson is giving away three prizes to three lucky people. All you had to do was visit each blog stop and collect your secret saying and follow A.M. Robinson either on Twitter or Facebook

If you've missed a stop, here is the list of blogs that A.M. visited :-)

What's up for grab?

+++Signed HARDCOVER copy of Vampire Crush
+++A pair of whale-dotted pajama pants, a la Sophie.
+++Bat-shaped cookie cutter
+++Cute vampire monster mirror
+++"Vampire Blood" hand gel.

+++Signed paperback copy of Vampire Crush
+++"Vampire Blood" handgel

This giveaway is open INTERNATIONAL

Now that you've visited all ten blogs and collected all secret sayings, fill out the form below and make sure to follow A.M. Robinson on Twitter or Facebook :-)  

Giveaway ends on March 20 @ 11:59 EST

Any questions at all please e-mail us at Contact@goodchoicereading.com 




  1. I loved all the stop on the tour and thought the idea of collecting along the way made this giveaway fun! Thanks for the fun interview at the end. Thanks girls♥ Happy reading

  2. thanks for hosting this giveaway. Gathering the clues was quite fun!

  3. Wow, that was fun, thank you! And I really enjoyed the whole tour :)
    Good luck to everybody with the giveaway - the prizes are awsome! :)

  4. That was such a fun time! Thanks for the good time.

  5. Nicely done GCR ladies!! Sorry I couldn't join in, but you all did fantastic!! What a fun interview :)

  6. Thanks so much for this giveaway!
    great interview!!
    *fingers crossed*

    Thanks for making it international!!

  7. Thank you everyone for keeping with us!! <3

  8. I can't seem to find the secret words from Read for Your Future!!! HELP!?! I can't find the post for the blog tour


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