February 28, 2011


Hardcover, 352 pages
Published February, 2011 by Grand Central Publishing

Gideon Crew has a lot on his mind: His mother has died, but only after revealing on her deathbed the true story of his father's murder. Reeling and thirsting for revenge, this talented operative must confront an even more pressing matter: He was been enlisted to steal plans for a Chinese mega-weapon from a defecting scientist. Trademark Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child action and suspense in a new series starter.

Gideon's Sword has honestly got to be one of the most fun and exciting books I've read in a long time! I think one of the greatest reasons I enjoyed this book so much is that I had no expectations to begin with. I had no idea who the authors were, how many books they'd written or what kind of reception they've ever received. So I just jumped into the book with an open-mind and I prepared myself for whatever the book might throw at me. I was enthralled the minute I read the first chapter! At one point (about halfway through), I actually missed my subway-stop on the way to work - and that never happens to me!

The story follows Gideon Crew, an extremely intelligent and gutsy character who starts off the novel wanting to get revenge for her father's murder. And as soon as he does, an entirely new chapter in his life begins. Gideon's Sword is full of action (and I mean non-stop action), suspense, intrigue and mystery. I loved the fight scenes (which were clearly worded, creatively set and easy to follow), and I loved trying to figure out who would win in the end.

This book would make an incredible film (and I've heard rumors that that might actually be in the works) and I adored every page. I actually wouldn't change a single thing. I can't wait to read the next one :) Go buy the book now, and let me know what you think!!!

6 out of 5 stars (because it made me miss my stop, lol)

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