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February 24, 2011


The tearjerker.
The book that has you crying so hard you need to have a box of Kleenex nearby just so you can keep on reading.
The book that you can't read in public for fear that someone will see you crying.
Ever read one of those?

Now I have to be honest. I admit that there have only been 3 books in my life that have actually made me cry - The Book Thief, Lovely Bones, and My Sister's Keeper. It takes a lot for a book to make me feel hardcore emotion like that. But there are some people that cry A LOT when they read (my husband being one of them!).

So Thursday's Question of the Day is: what books have been the tearjerkers in your life? 


  1. I'm like you, Maria... very rarely cry. The last book that I read that made me cry was "Heartsblood" by Carolyn McCray. It left me so emotional at the end! Very good read!

  2. I am super emotional so I cry really easy, but the book I cried the most at was Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas by James Patterson. I read it years ago, but nothing has made me cry as hard since!

  3. The main rip-my-heart-out-tearjerker for me is MY SISTERS KEEPER. My husband actually came over to me and freaked out because he thought I was hurt I was crying so hard.

  4. I don't cry while reading. That is until Rachel Vincent's ALPHA. The tears just wouldn't stop. LOVE that book.

  5. The only book that has EVER made me cry hysterical and I mean hysterical that even after I was done reading it, I continued to cry was Nicholas Sparks "At First Sight" and "True Believer." I cried so hard that my mother came in the room and was yelling "OMG, what happened? Tell me what happened?" LOL when I told her she just laughed at me and walked away lol.

  6. I can't really answer this accurately, since I'm not a sparse crier. I cry a lot at books, and so many have been tearjerkers for me over the years.

  7. Hands down - Where the Red Fern Grows. Dogs - they get me every time!

  8. I am in the same boat as Vicky, I cry a lot when I read. Especially since I became a father, it seems like I'm even more emotional. One of the most recent books that really had me sobbing out loud was The Time Travelers Wife.

  9. I can think of two. Where the Red Fern Grows and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Oh, and The Time Traveler's Wife and Every Last One. So that makes four. There might have been more, but I don't typically cry when reading, either.

  10. Probably a better question is what doesn't make me cry, although The Time Traveler's Wife practically had me seizing I was bawling so hard. I was even trying to describe the plot to my mom and I started crying.

    I'm an utter wuss.

  11. I always felt like something was wrong with me because I rarely cry while reading. In fact, I've only cried during one book-- Ellen Wittlinger's Hard Love. And ya know, I can't even recall what made me feel so sad. I think I should revisit that book!

    - Jackie

  12. The only book that has ever made me cry, like, hysterically, was A Child Called It by David Pelzer. I mean there have been many books that have made my eyes tears up but this one had me really CRYING. So so sad.

  13. I don't remember myself crying nearly as much when I was younger... I think the first book I remember was Where The Red Fern Grows. Since then I know HP6, HP7 (I was still in denial in HP5), and all three in The Hunger Games series made me tear up at one point or another.


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